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Help support the America's State Parks Foundation

Help Support the America's State Parks Foundation

Support the America's State Parks Foundation


The America's State Parks Foundation is the Nationwide Voice for America's State Parks. Our state parks comprise 14 million acres of public open space and host over 720 million visits annually, generating over $20 billion in economic benefits to states and communities, conserving and protecting irreplaceable natural and cultural resources, and promoting healthy outdoor life styles and experiences for all Americans. The America's State Parks Foundation is the only national-level non-profit whose sole purpose is to advance the missions and purposes of America's State Parks.

The Mission of the America's State Parks Foundation is to promote the value of America's State Parks, for environmental stewardship, for health and well-being of Americans and for economic development; and to energize the State Park Movement working in collaboration with state park agencies, their non-profit partners and other allies and supporters of parks, conservation and preservation in America.

The Goals of the America's State Parks Foundation are:

  1. To support and enable the America's State Parks to respond to changing environments, needs and resource challenges;
  2. To expand the capacity of state- and local-level non-profits to become strategic partners with public agencies in advancing America's State Parks; and
  3. To engage and educate the public, for long-term stewardship of America's State Parks

Actions to achieve Goals:

  • Advance, promote, and celebrate the State Park Movement in America
  • Educate the public about the value and significance of America's State Parks and strengthen community and personal connections to their state parks and to foster shared stewardship of our resources
  • Advocate and support public policies which benefit America's State Parks for today's visitors - and for future generations
  • Share and develop best practices among the 50 state parks systems and their non-profit partners, to enable state-level foundations and friends organizations to better support the missions of state park systems and America's State Parks
  • Promote visitation, access to nature and appreciation for America's State Parks, through outreach efforts to current and all potential communities of users (including youth and the underserved), and innovative recreational and interpretive programs
  • Establish and manage endowed, donated and other funds to advance the State Parks Movement in America, support the Foundation's purposes, and to better enable state and local non-profit partners to support state park agencies and their missions

The America's State Parks Foundation held its organizational meeting September 20, 2011 at Custer State Park, ND; articles of incorporation as filed in the District of Columbia were adopted, bylaws approved and officers elected. An application for 501(c)(3) status was filed with the Internal Revenue Service November 9, 2011 and the America's State Parks Foundation was determined to be a tax exempt public charity by the IRS January 8, 2012.

Support the America's State Parks Foundation