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Get ready to explore all 50 state parks with the Official America's State Parks Park Passport app powered by Pocket Ranger®!

The America's State Parks Pocket Ranger® Park Passport mobile app by ParksbyNature Network serves as an interactive State Parks tour guide accessible through today's leading mobile devices. It is built with the most up-to-date visitor information, and designed for both the novice outdoorsmen and the more seasoned park-goer.

The interactive guide along with the advanced GPS mapping technology provides park goers with valuable information for planning that perfect trip to any state park, making it easy for anyone to choose an adventure of their choice. The app allow users to keep abreast of weather conditions, view state surveyed trails, and more—directly from their mobile device!

Other features include:

  • Work with content, maps & features offline.
  • GPS mapping options include Road, Satellite, Hybrid & Terrain.
  • The GPS Parks Nearest Me feature will help locate the parks.
  • Easy-to-cache default State Park Map tiles are accessible for on/offline use.
  • Preprogrammed State Park Geographic Information System (GIS) & Points of Interest (POI) will help guide you through the park.
  • The Friend Finder feature lets you keep track of companions while on a trail.
  • A built-in compass can help point to your direction.
  • Use the Longitude/Latitude positioning to navigate with ease.
  • Whether it is during or for future visits, you could Record, Save and Recall tracks or waypoints.
  • Mark, snap photos & personalize waypoints.
  • Share tracks, waypoints or current position with registered recipients or through Facebook & Twitter.
  • Export tracks and waypoints in .KML and .GPX formats.
  • Let your family & friends know your whereabouts with the Alert Communication feature.
  • Search by activity of interest on the go.
  • Stay current on park events.
  • Receive alerts, and location based weather updates.
  • Access park information such as park overview and type of activities for each park.
  • View maps of park facilities, trails and campgrounds.
  • Get directions to each park.
  • Interactive facility contact (phone, address & email) info
  • Socially Network through Facebook & Twitter.

All of these great features are made possible thanks to a network of Proud Partners who realize the value of the state parks. Our Partners facilitate the production and promotion of the apps, while also provide our app users with outstanding benefits such as redeemable reward points and discount offers. With their support, ParksByNature Network is able to stay at the cutting edge of mobile app technology to bring the mobile market a high quality product.

Additionally, proceeds from our Proud Partners' contributions along with every download helps support the maintenance and preservation of state park systems across the country.

For any comments and questions, we encourage you to contact us. Your comments will only make our state park apps that much better! Thank you for your support!

About Us

ParksbyNature Network (PBN) is a marketing and development company committed to providing park visitors with a dynamic user experience as they explore our country's treasured state parks through Pocket Ranger® mobile apps. To assure our commitment, we have proudly joined efforts with America’s State Parks Foundation whose mission is to Advance, promote and celebrate State Park Movement in America. Together, we are striving to fulfill our commitments and achieve our missions by bringing you America’s State Parks Pocket Ranger® Park Passport app.


ParksByNature Network’s mission is to encourage park goers and to invite them to enrich their overall park experience. In addition, we want park visitors to feel good about helping to sustain our Nation’s state parks by downloading Pocket Ranger® mobile apps. With our efforts, we hope to bring together a community of outdoor enthusiasts that not only share a common desire towards living a healthier lifestyle, but also aspire to preserve our treasured State Park system.