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Mason Lee

Mason Lee

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About Mason
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State: Texas

Age: 22

Bio: A teacher once told me that I should hug trees because without plants, we wouldn't be alive. I took that to heart and have dedicated my time to helping protect our natural environment and keeping it alive and well. I am currently a Wildlife and Fisheries major at Texas A&M University, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life working to protect animals.

Mason's Updates

I Am A State Park Ambassador Because:
I am happiest whenever I am outside, and would love to share that feeling of contentment with others! The only way to understand and appreciate the services that nature provides us is to get outside and experience it for yourself, something I hope to help other people discover.

Schools Attended: Texas A&M University

First State Park: Garner State Park

Favorite State Park: Enchanted Rock State Park

Park I Am Really Eager To Visit: Brazos Bend

I've Visited State Parks In: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Wyoming

Coolest Thing I've Seen In Parks:
It sounds silly, but there is a rock formation in Lost Maples State Park that looks like a fish with it's mouth open. It is always fun to pose inside it's "mouth" and take funny pictures!

Interests: Animals, Music, Sustainability, Traveling, Hiking

Music Played At My Campfire: Indie, Folk, Alternative

What Not To Miss In My State's Parks: The amazing activities unique to each park

Who I Would Go On A Hike With If I Could: Steve Irwin

This Sums It All Up For Me: "Nature is not a place to visit. It is home"-Gary Snyder