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Vista Point at Jordan Lake

by Lauren Rouse

A few weeks ago, I found a company in Pittsboro, Jordan Lake Water Sports, right next to Vista Point.  Two friends and I decided to to try out a couple of SUPs and a kayak. It started out a foggy day, but we ended up with a bright blue sky!  See me paddling happily in my sit on top kayak!  I had never been in a sit on top and opted for an 11 foot one.



We paddled across the lake to Seaforth Beach. My friends enjoyed their paddle boards!


There are also canoes and pontoon boats to rent for the day. Jet skis are coming in 2014!  On the water, you'll see lots of sailboats and Vista Point has its own sailboat launch point.

Visit Jordan Lake at Vista Point and leave a comment below!


Published: 10/31/2013


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