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Salamonie Reservoir: Where Flood Control and Recreation Come Together

by Kristie Ridgway

This past summer was an interesting one for Salamonie Reservoir. Due to the decreased amounts of snow melt in the spring and the dry summer, the water level of the Reservoir teetered between 13 -14 feet below average. The low water level did put a damper on some of the fun recreational activities that the Reservoir provides. The beach was never able to open, the Marina was also unable to open, and it made water sports quite dangerous. However, the low water also brought with it an opportunity to teach visitors that reservoirs are built for flood control first and recreation second.

I currently work for Upper Wabash Interpretive Services, which is based out of Salamonie Reservoir. Over the past 3 years of working there I have seen the water really high, and have now seen it really low. Witnessing the fluctuating water level is a really neat experience. Even though the water level was low this past summer, visitors still found plenty of other activities to partake in.

The longest trail on property is the 13 mile hiking/biking trail called the Bloodroot. You can even rent a campsite out on the trail and backpack in for the night. If you are a horse owner, there are very nice bridle trails where you and your equine companion can enjoy the scenic woods of Salamonie. The property also offers camping at all 3 of the campgrounds: Apple Orchard (primitive), Horseman (horse campers only), and Modern (electric). Also located on site is our terrific Interpretive Center. Here we have live critters that you can see, interactive displays that teach you about the reservoirs, and a bird viewing window where you can watch wildlife as it comes up to the feeders. We also offer special events throughout the year. You can find out information about our upcoming events at:

Below are some pictures of displays and critters you can find at the Interpretive Center.





Please come and visit us. We are a great resource when it comes to learning about reservoirs and why they are here and how they work. All of our critters would also love to see you!

Below are some of the sights you are likely to see if you take a drive around the property.






Published: 11/29/2012


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