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All Along the Firetower in Lincoln State Park!

by Diane Nicholas

Everybody has their "home" State Park and for me that park is Lincoln State Park in Lincoln City, Indiana. I've hiked, swam, fished and camped there. Through school I helped plant trees in the park. My high school graduation was at the Lincoln Amphitheater. So I can safely say that Lincoln State Park and I are pretty tight. My favorite hike in the park is the hike around the lake and to the....dun...dun...DUN...firetower! 

I've hiked this trail many times and while you would think it would get actually never does. Why you ask....because things CHANGE! The trees are full of color in the fall, in the spring and summer the leaves are green and in winter the trees can be covered in beautiful snow. Wildlife can be different at different times of the year and the weather changes from mild and then to hot. So if elements of the hike are always changing...why would it get old? 

To visually show the changes you can witness in one hike, I went on the firetower hike this previous fall and then again more recently. Below is a view of the lake in the late fall and then of the lake on a cold day in winter. 

Your fellow company can change as well! I went with my parents in the fall and my husband in the winter! Both times were great, although I definitely preferred the warm weather of the trip in the fall!

Visual markers can change!! X marked the spot in the fall hike, but there was no more X in the hike in the winter. It looks like the natural elements finally got the best of this tree. Notice the snow on the ground too.

The Firetower in all it's glory! I definitely prefer it in the fall, but I'm sure it's beautiful covered in snow in the winter.

In the fall I made the climb up the firetower, but I chickened out (don't judge me) in the winter, so I don't have photos to compare from the top, but the view from the top is the best in town!

My parents decided not to go to the top, but they enjoyed the break on the bench nearby!

Ok...back to my comparisons! I definitely prefer the hike in the fall better, but the frozen water is beautiful when it's cold.

Another obstacle encountered during the winter hike.

As I have illustrated elements of the same hike can change. Now I don't suggest continually doing the same hike, but if you haven't hiked to the firetower recently then its a good time to do it again! Maybe wait until spring, unless you enjoy the cold weather.

Here's what the DNR website says about this fabulous park..."Lincoln State Park offers 10 miles of hiking trails, two scenic lakes, and an interpretive center to help you experience early life of settlers in southern Indiana. Your entire family can enjoy a relaxing time at one of the campgrounds, cabins or group cottages. Tour the Colonel Jones Home, the historic home of the merchant and Civil War officer who employed young Lincoln.

The 1,747-acre park was established in 1932 as a memorial to Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks. The Little Pigeon Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery, located on the property, is where Lincoln’s sister Sarah is buried. "

Enjoy more photos of my hike below!


Published: 02/19/2013


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