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Early Morning Hike at McCormicks Creek

by Chelsea Malwitz

I decided to get up and out early to head to McCormicks Creek to take an early morning hike.  I am in no way a morning person, but this hike has proven to me that it can be worth it to wake up just a little earlier to enjoy the finer things.  I arrived at the park and did not see one other person as I headed to Trail 9.  While driving there, I accidentally took a wrong turn into the stables parking lot, and was greeted by a herd of deer in the fog.  Before I could capture this awesome moment on camera, they sprinted away but the feeling I got from seeing this scene still stays with me.  

I finally made it to Trail 9.  This trail starts and ends near the Deer Run shelter house.  The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was.  Not even the birds were chirping I was there so early.  It was very nice and relaxing to have such peacefulness in the morning.  

When I was nearly done walking the trail a sign appeared on the trail ahead of me.  The sign read "Historic Peeden Farm."  There was nothing listed on the map, but I went ahead and followed the sign.  I could not have been more happy with my findings.  Just a short ways off of Trail 9, there was an old house foundation, a spring house, and the foundation to an old barn.  As an avid urban explorer, I was overjoyed to have happened across this gem.  

There is a bulletin board describing the first family to settle in McCormicks creek and gives you a look into their lives there. 

After my hike, I visited the park office to make sure that my map was updated and when their maps matched my own, I asked about the structures.  I was informed that they had just gotten done with the Peeden farm project.  So this spring make sure that you take a hike down Trail 9 to visit the farm.


Published: 02/18/2013


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