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Learn about the Ambassador Badges

Badges are a way to show of your accomplishments as an Ambassador. Please let us know when you think you've earned one, and well get it up on your profile!

General Badges

Newbie Badge - First Article Badge: Congrats! You've posted your first article. Perhaps you’ve described your experience on a walk or camping in a state park. Maybe you’ve shared some photos of a weekend family gathering in a nearby park. Whatever your story, we think you deserve a badge for that.
All in the Family Badge: "Are we there yet?" Share as much fun in a state park as you can with your family and post about that family experience to earn a badge.
Like This! Badge: Pique your reader's interests or simply become the king/queen of popularity by getting more than 50 "Likes" on a an article and you get a badge!
Explorer Badge: You like to get in good with the neighbors by checking out their digs. Visit a neighboring state's park and get a badge for your efforts!
History Buff Badge: If you like history and happen to find yourself visiting one or more historic sites in a month, should we call you a history buff? We sure would, so we're giving you a badge.
Mother Nature Badge: They call it loitering but we call it quality time by yourself in your favorite state park. Log at least five hours on one or more visits spent communing alone with Mother Nature at your favorite state park to earn a badge.
Tag Team Badge: We're all for teamwork! Share an experience with or lend a hand to a fellow ambassador or recruit others for your own park project ,and each of you gets a badge.

Action Badges

Athlete Badge: Either you're training for the X Games or you can't get enough of your state's boundless extreme, outdoor sports. Running, climbing, swimming, biking, or…whatever it is, your adventurous and athletic post has earned you a badge.
Hiker Badge: You’ve completed at least a 5-mile hike, and have stories and or photos to prove it!
Paddler Badge: Love water? Share a paddling adventure on a lake, wild river or quiet stream in your favorite state park, and you earn the Paddler Badge.
Elements Badge: We know there's not enough wind, cold, rain, heat or snow to keep you away from your favorite state park. Prove us right with an “extreme weather” post from one of your state's parks and receive an Elements Badge! (But please don’t take any inappropriate risks!)

Creativity Badges

Ansel Adams Badge: Is that you, Shutterbug? Breathtaking landscape? Iconic waterfall? Spectacular canyon? Fascinating bug on a tree or colorful salamander under a rock? We've caught you snapping quality pictures or taking creative videos at more than three parks, so you get a badge!
Emily Dickinson Badge: So, you’re at the end of a wooded trail and encounter the most beautiful spring-fed natural pool you’ve ever seen, the banks moss-covered and signs of wildlife everywhere. You’re moved to write an essay or poem describing this most serene experience. Provide us with your best creative writing, and you’ll earn the Emily Dickinson Badge.
Vincent Van Gogh Badge: Let your creative juices flow and your paint flow wildly as you splash your favorite watercolors, ink, oils or acrylic onto the canvas. Draw or paint your experience in a state park. Find 2-D format too limiting? Go 3-D! Create a sculpture or multi-media composite piece inspired by a state park visit and share an image file of your masterpiece to get your badge!

Education Badges

Science/Educator Badge: Fancy yourself a scientist? Provide observations and anecdotes about plants, trees, insects, water creatures, small or large animals, birds, etc. or describe the habitats they inhabit in a state park. Prefer geology, meteorology or any other “ology?” If so, you’ll earn the coveted Science Educator Badge.
Mentor Badge: Bring a younger sibling, a neighbor or a group of youngsters to a state park and teach them something about the park. You might want to do your homework in advance…they might stump your knowledge!
Naturalist Badge: Join a naturalist-led hike or presentation in a state park and share your experience with us. Better yet, lead a small group of friends or family members on a naturalist hike where you are the expert! Let us know what you learned or taught, and you’ve got a Naturalist Badge.

Service Badge

Making a Difference Badge: Everyone likes a do-gooder and you're looking pretty likable to us right about now. Log at least 10 hours volunteering in your favorite state park and we'll not only like you more but we'll also give you a badge for helping make a difference.
Friends Badge: Join a state parks “friends” group that helps raise money or provide other services to a state park, attend at least three friends meetings or events, tell us about it and you’ve earned a Friends Badge.
Stewardship Badge: So, you understand that your favorite park is over-run with a nasty invasive weed and it’s choking out the native plants. Ugh! What to do? Either individually or with a group of friends, volunteer to help pull or cut those nasty invasive species. (NOTE: Be certain to check with park staff before you do, to let them know what stewardship service you’ll be offering… and don’t pull poison ivy!) Spend at least five hours caring for your park, and you’ve earned a Stewardship Badge.

Skills Badges

Instructor Badge: You like to lead by example and, sometimes, by posting instructions or how-to videos for other readers to share. Use your imagination! What skills can you offer? Camping? Campfire-building or cooking? Climbing with ropes? Identifying difficult plants? For all your work in demonstrating to us how to do cool outdoor stuff in a park, we're giving you the Instructor Badge.
Safety First Badge: Hey, sometimes a hike in the woods or a climb up a cliff ends up in a mishap. Offer some pointers on safety in state parks—bee stings? Injuries? Poison ivy or poison oak? General preparedness or First Aid. You choose, and share your skills and knowledge to earn the Safety Badge.
Big Improver Badge: You’ve honed your skills at a certain repeat activity in a park—maybe bested your best time on a power hike or run, improved your prowess at climbing or kayaking, are now more accomplished at some other skill. Let us know how you’ve improved and in what, and you’re a “Big Achiever.” Congratulations.

Recruitment Badges

Good Recruiter Badge: You’ve recruited at least two friends or family members to be State Park Ambassadors. Once they fill out the application and submit their first article, you get a badge.
Marketer Badge: You’ve worked hard to recruit at least five new ambassadors, and they’re awesome! They’re really proving their worth in adventure, creative writing and photography. You get the Marketer Badge for your efforts in recruiting these ambassadors.
Bravo Badge!: You’re sensational! You’ve inspired at least 10 of your friends and family members to become ambassadors, and they are overwhelming us with blog content. Thanks for keeping us busy, and thanks for promoting the Ambassador program. You’ve really earned this Bravo Badge.

Advanced Badges

Milestone Badges: Badges are rewarded at milestones of 5, 10, 15 and 20 articles created. These badges are above and beyond the specific activity badges already described.
Stephen Mather Badge: You have visited at least 15 state parks in your own state or in other states, and have shared articles or features about each of them. This badge, named for one of the country’s most important early parks advocates from the early 1900s, Stephen Mather, is bestowed upon you for being a major promoter of state parks.
Over-the-Top Badge: You’ve either posted more than 20 articles, or you’ve recruited more than 10 new Ambassadors to the Program. You are …Over the Top…and deserve big kudos for your success! THANK YOU for being a super Ambassador.