Guests of the Idaho State Parks can now sign up within the nine-month reservations window for the 2022 season.

As early as today, guests can now reserve any date until the around August 8, 2022 or earlier.

There were a lot of clamor for Idaho State Park Reservations when the reservation system temporarily shut down due to the transition to the new reservations system.

Now that the new system is working, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) are encouraging guests and those interested to visit the Idaho State parks to reserve their preferred dates as early as now since sites are and reservations are filling up fast.

Reservations can be done at


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“We’ve had a lot of people ask when we are going to open the reservation window. The short answer is that the window is always open. Guests can reserve stays into August 2022 now,” said Seth Hobbs, Registration and Reservations Program Manager.

In 2020, IDPR transitioned to a new reservation system, causing a temporary shutdown in reservations. Once the system was back online, the reservation window reopened in December. The department does not predict the need to shut down reservations again for the foreseeable future.