79-year-old John Fiske Burg was lost in Zion National Park since Tuesday was rescued when he was able to call 911 and was also able to leave a voicemail for his family last Friday, rangers said.

Zion National Park sent out this Missing Person report:

zion missing Burg was last seen around 7 a.m. on Tuesday leaving the La Quinta hotel in Kanab, Utah, where he was staying with other groups of hikers and mentioned that he might hike the Canyon Overlook Trails.

His vehicle was found at the start of the mentioned trail route, but it’s unknown when is the exact time he arrived there. Park officials temporarily closed the said trail to look for Burg’s whereabouts.

After his message and call, John Fiske Burg was rescued Saturday afternoon above Lodge Canyon after a thorough aerial search by Nellis Air Force Base.

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