Good news! Bluebirds’ fledglings numbers are strong this year despite the troublesome winter.

Thousands of bluebirds last year were lost and died when they encountered freezing weather while migrating north. The Wild River State Park monitors the bluebird trail and nesting boxes to determine how many returned and how many offspring were successfully hatched.

Gloria Peterson has been monitoring the bluebird fledglings for 15 years. She volunteers to do it for the park and the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota.

This spring, her concerns grew when she didn’t see many eggs during the month of April since most of the time, bluebirds lay eggs during this month. It was a good thing when she realized that the egg-laying was a little late this year.

Though this year, the fledgling count was only 74, way below 2020’s 102 fledgling count, it is still commendable because despite the issues with the freezing weather, the bluebids were able to survive and maintain their numbers.

Here is the annual final fledgling count:
2021 – 74
2020 – 102
2019 – 73
2018 – 65
2017 – 67
2016 – 89

Hopefully, there would be more fledglings next year.

Photo credit: reddirtpics