Fancy buying your own lake within a 5,000-acre property?

The property is located east of Interstate 45 at Freestone County in Texas and within the 5,000-acre property, there’s a 2,500-acre private lake, with 21 miles of undeveloped shoreline. This is perfect for both commercial and private use. Imagine having your own lake!

The price is a very hefty asking price of $110.550 million, or $22,000 per acre. But if you have that amount of money, why not buy something that generations of your family can enjoy and develop? Of course, if you don’t have that kind of money, you can always visit the state parks near Dallas instead!

The lake was man-built and was constructed in the 1960s by utility companies that previously used the water to cool the power-generating plant. However, the plant closed in 2018 and is now selling its property.

Photo Credit: Photo by Hortenstine Ranch Company