A state budget of $1 million was allocated for the development of Garrapata State Park earlier this month. According to Sen. John Laird’s office, the funding will go towards the improvement of the park’s trail system, restoration of habitats, archaeological sites, and construction of the park’s much-needed permanent restroom and an additional portable restroom.

The funds will be subsidizing the Coastal Habitat Restoration and Trail Improvement Management Plan issued by the California Department of Parks and Recreation for the ongoing rehabilitation and restoration projects along the shoreline and coastal bluffs of the west side of Highway 1.

Garrapata State Park is situated along the northern end of the Big Sur coast. It boasts 7 miles of scenic rocky shoreline, coves, and the sandy stretch of Garrapata Beach. The park extends along 4 miles of Highway 1, with a total of 2,902 acres.


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