Barr Lake State Park get Leave No Trace Gold Standard

Barr Lake State Park joins two other Colorado State Parks, Castlewood Canyon and Roxborough, in achieving Leave No Trace Gold Standard, which encourages and educates visitors on respecting the outdoors by minimizing the impact of their visits. The park was created in 1977 when there was not really a lot to do around the area. Now visitors can come and hunt, fish, hike, bike and a lot more. Barr Lake is larger than Cherry Creek and Chatfield Reservoir. Leave No Trace’s Gold Standard Sites should meet the following criteria: Demonstrates successful implementation of Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics into [...]

Free Entrance to Colorado Parks & Wildlife on Black Friday

Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced the free entrance to all 42 Colorado State Parks on Black Friday. This is the 7th year tradition aimed at turning Black Friday into "a blue skies Friday, a green trees Friday, or a white snow Friday". In Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Mountain State Park is set to host a limited number of people for a naturalist-led hike along Talon Trail, covering 5 miles round trip from the Limekiln parking lot. Weather pending, the trek is scheduled for 11 a.m. To sign up, call the visitor center at 719-576-2016. Source Photo Credit: Seth Boster, The Gazette

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Barr Lake State Park gets 3 new bald eagle nest baskets

Barr Lake State Park is a prime habitat for bald eagles. However, last April, a cottonwood tree was blown down in a windstorm, destroying a nest that contained two bald eagle eggs. Barr Lake State Park staff are replacing it with 3 new bald eagle nest baskets to help bald eagles easily create nests this year. This is the first time that this was done since the very first nest basket was installed and used by the bald eagles in 1986. Actual bald eagle nests can be 7 to 8 feet across and are often in dead limbs of tall, [...]

Sweetwater Lake area to become the next Colorado state park

The land surrounding Sweetwater Lake will become the newest state park through a partnership between Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service. Before, it was owned by The Conservation Fund, a nonprofit organization the works to protect land. This new partnership will allow for infrastructure updates and increased public access. Improved facilities, including a new boat launch, are expected to open next summer of 2022. Source Photo Credit

Sweetwater Lake is Colorado’s newest state park

Sweetwater Lake State Park debuted as the newest and the 43rd state park in Colorado. The 488-acre Sweetwater Lake park is located in the White National Forest and will be managed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in partnership with the U.S Forest Service and a local land trust. The land area isn't state-owned. The Forest Service bought the ranch this summer from the Conservation Fund, a national nonprofit that purchased the property in 2021, partly through a fundraising campaign organized by the Eagle Valley Land Trust. The lake was identified as one of the top 10 priorities by the Land [...]

250 Christmas tree cutting permits at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

250 families of Coloradans will have the chance to chop down their own Christmas tree and decorate it for the holidays. This November, Golden Gate Canyon State Park is offering 250 permits for cutting down Christmas trees. The permits will be coursed through an online application draw event. The entry period for the permit draw opens Nov. 1 and closes Nov. 15. Permits will be drawn randomly and the live event will be done online. Families who win the permit can claim their permits and choose which tree to cut down on December 4, 2021, from 9 am to 3 [...]

Bear Captured Frolicking In The Snow At Roxborough State Park

A brown bear was captured frolicking in the snow at the Roxborough State Park. One of the videos from Colorado Parks and Wildlife captured the bear seemingly active and searching for food in Douglas County. During the fall months, ears eat and drink nonstop in order to prepare for their winter hibernation. They need to put on weight for them to hibernate properly and this process is called hyperphagia. Hyperphagia makes bears active during the fall season so that they could hunt and prepare for their hibernation. Everyone is however advised not to feed the bears any human food as [...]

Possibly only 1 wolf left in far northwest Colorado

Last Winter 2020, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced that the state's first wolf pack in almost a century has appeared to make a home within the state parks of Colorado. Unfortunately, hunters have killed at least 3 members of the pack just across the border in Wyoming. This had led to believe the worst for the wolf pack.  A single pair of paw prints were found and it looks like only one member of the pack survived. Though the wolves population has been aggressively cut down in the past due to their attacks on livestock, it is still essential to [...]

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Great Sand Dunes National Park In Colorado Has One of America’s Largest Sand Dunes

The Great Sand Dunes National Park conserves America's largest sand dune. Sand dunes have been formed by sediments from the surrounding mountains filling the valley over geologic time. When lakes in the valley disappear and recede, what is left is the sand and the sand is blown towards the Sangre de Cristos. This formed the now-famous sand dunes. The parts that make up the Great Sand Dunes system are the dune field, the sand sheet, the sabkha (a mud or sand flat where minerals and salts accumulate from evaporation), and the mountain watershed. See More Photo Credit: Photo by Patrick [...]

Best spots to Hear Elk Bugling In Colorado

The elk rut and bugling season is at its peak over Colorado. Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park have at least 200 to 600 elk wander down from the higher elevations for the mating season and is considered as one of the best spots to see the rut and hearing the bugle. Colorado Parks and Wildlife points to the Clear Creek herd which roams in the Rocky Flats and Golden area as an alternative spot to see and hear the rut. The West Elk Wilderness just about Gunnison is also one of the best locations to hear the elk [...]

Cherry Creek State Park will be closed temporarily

Cherry Creek State Park will be closed from Oct. 11 through Oct. 15. This is the third year in a row the dog area will close due to park enhancements and to perform needed maintenance work, Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) said. The 107-acre off-leash area attracts more than one million people and dogs each year and it is one of the most heavily used parks in the state. The following are the park improvements that will be put in: Fencing for native grass reseeding and weed management Additional concrete to improve access from the parking lot to the entrance [...]

74 yr. old hiker rescued after falling on Eldorado Canyon State Park

A 74-year-old hiker was rescued by the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group last Sunday on Eldorado Canyon State Park. The hiker accidentally fell nearly 50ft down the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail. The hiker suffered a head and shoulder injury and was unable to walk to the trailhead. Firefighters and paramedics from Mountain View Fire Protection District came to the rescue and hiked in to provide medical care while the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group utilized a bean bag splint and litter to rescue the hiker. The hiker was immediately taken in an ambulance to a hospital once he was lifted to the trailhead. [...]

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