Barr Lake State Park get Leave No Trace Gold Standard

Barr Lake State Park joins two other Colorado State Parks, Castlewood Canyon and Roxborough, in achieving Leave No Trace Gold Standard, which encourages and educates visitors on respecting the outdoors by minimizing the impact of their visits. The park was created in 1977 when there was not really a lot to do around the area. Now visitors can come and hunt, fish, hike, bike and a lot more. Barr Lake is larger than Cherry Creek and Chatfield Reservoir. Leave No Trace’s Gold Standard Sites should meet the following criteria: Demonstrates successful implementation of Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics into [...]

Barr Lake State Park gets 3 new bald eagle nest baskets

Barr Lake State Park is a prime habitat for bald eagles. However, last April, a cottonwood tree was blown down in a windstorm, destroying a nest that contained two bald eagle eggs. Barr Lake State Park staff are replacing it with 3 new bald eagle nest baskets to help bald eagles easily create nests this year. This is the first time that this was done since the very first nest basket was installed and used by the bald eagles in 1986. Actual bald eagle nests can be 7 to 8 feet across and are often in dead limbs of tall, [...]

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