FREE VISITS at Minnesota state parks on Friday

Take advantage of the FREE ENTRANCE at any of the 75 Minnesota State Parks this coming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Most state park offices and visitor centers will be minimally staffed on Friday, so visitors are encouraged to to plan ahead and arrive prepared for their visit: Check visitor alerts and find directions on state park web pages at Download GeoPDF maps before the trip. These maps will display a user’s current location, like Google Maps or other map applications, but the user does not have to be connected to the internet or have cell service while using them. Visit the [...]

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Minnesota deer hunters help DNR using an online questionnaire

Starting Jan. 15, 2022, Minnesota deer hunters can use an online questionnaire to report wildlife they see during each hunt. The observation survey will be used by the DNR to do population estimates of various species in each state park. Using a mobile device or laptop, hunters can enter information on the DNR website about wildlife they see each day of hunting, including deer, turkeys, bears, fishers and other species. The DNR also encourages hunters to report specific information about any deer they harvest, including antler size. Hunters are also encouraged to fill out a report after each hunt even if [...]

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Elk of Itasca now run free

Elk of Itasca is now roaming free in northwestern Minnesota today and this was the result of a 1900's program at Itasca State Park to reintroduce the species to the state. Elk were abundant before and during the early years of European settlement in Minnesota but they were hunted down nearly to extinction in the 1900s. The last Elk that was killed in Minnesota was in 1908. In 1913, a herd of elk was reintroduced into the wild at Itasca State Park. They were protected and enclosed with an 8-foot woven fence. By 1937, the elk population increased to 40 [...]

Wildfire at Itasca State Park contained at 80%

Wildfire at Itasca State Park is now contained by at least 80%. The wildfire started at a remote section of Itasca State Park in north-central Minnesota. Firefighters are now scouting for hotspots and the precautionary evacuations of the nearby cabins have been lifted and will reopen soon. Some closures will remain for those on the Wilderness Drive. The fire is at the end of the Bohall Trail. There is no word yet with regards to the cause of the fire. Source Photo Credit

Minneopa State Park newsletter captures & sends “the beauty of nature” to its subscribers

If you can't physically be at the Minneopa State Park to see the wildlife in person, that's okay. Minnesota's oldest state park has been sending colorful and awesome-looking newsletters to its readers. See bison taking dust baths, wildflowers popping, and see the wonder of its Minneopa Falls. Park naturalist Scott Kudelka is responsible for this idea so that there would still be interest in the park despite the pandemic. Currently, there are about 500 subscribers and the list is growing. E-mail Scott Kudelka at to subscribe to the newsletter. Source Photo Credit

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Bluebirds’ fledglings numbers are strong this year despite the troublesome winter

Good news! Bluebirds' fledglings numbers are strong this year despite the troublesome winter. Thousands of bluebirds last year were lost and died when they encountered freezing weather while migrating north. The Wild River State Park monitors the bluebird trail and nesting boxes to determine how many returned and how many offspring were successfully hatched. Gloria Peterson has been monitoring the bluebird fledglings for 15 years. She volunteers to do it for the park and the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota. This spring, her concerns grew when she didn't see many eggs during the month of April since most of the [...]

Wildfire breaks out at Itasca State Park

A wildfire burns about 9 acres in size of Itasca State Park which forced evacuations last Wednesday evening. The fire was reported at 3:30 p.m to the Clearwater County Sheriff's Department. The fire is burning lowland grasses, timber, and brush in a remote location at the north part of the Bohall Trail. Firefighters were very determined as they fight the flames from the ground and air. Luckily no structures have been damaged and no injuries have been reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation Source Photo Credit

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Whitewater State Park Detour Removed just in time for fall colors

Whitewater State Park in Minnesota removed the detour and reopened the south entrance just in time for the fall season to start. The roadway north of St. Charles was previously closed since the beginning of February. Now, the roads and entrance are now more accessible and are just in time since the peak fall color season arrives there in early to mid-October. Upon completion of the $4.7 million road project, viewing the fall colors at the Whitewater State Park is easier and more convenient.   Source Photo credit

TrekNorth students had fun learning outdoors at Lake Bemidji State Park

Minnesota -TrekNorth Junior and Senior High School students had a blast being close to nature doing hiking, biking, and painting rocks at Lake Bemidji State Park from Sept. 22-24, as part of the school’s Experiential Education Program. Students in grades 6-8 had a chance to experience outdoor adventure skills, build camaraderie with other students and also build their leadership skills. The activities each day include mountain biking, hiking, and nature immersion. After the activity, they had picnic lunches and spent free time at the lakeshore. Upperclassmen also had the chance to act as junior trip leaders where they assist with [...]

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Big Woods State Park Nature Hike and Leaf Art Program

Hikers Activity: Saturday, Oct. 9 Learn basic Geocaching and learn how to use GPS followed by a picnic, then a 1-mile hike along hilly landscape to explore this season of change with a naturalist. Sunday, Oct. 10 Discover the many ways that animals and plants prep for the coming winter. The hike will be a mile of distance on hilly terrain and a section of boardwalk that includes some steps. Then find out which trees grow at the park by studying their colorful leaves. Unvaccinated visitors should wear a mask. Source Image Credit

Frontenac State Park to host stargazing event

Astronomy Club will be present for a relaxing night of stargazing 7-10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, at Frontenac State Park. Participants will learn about constellations and their lore, see planets, nebulae from past supernova star explosions, brilliant star clusters, and distant galaxies far outside of our own Milky Way.   See more...

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