Niagara Falls State Park transformation project takes GOLD prize

The Niagara Falls State Park transformation initiative won the Gold Award in theĀ  2021 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) awards for its more intimate views of Niagara Falls, green infrastructure and pedestrian circulation. The $65 million transformation of the country's oldest state park consisted of more than 16 full-scale, interconnected projects across 400-plus acres, with the goal of offering visitors a more intimate view of Niagara Falls and modernizing surrounding facilities. Modernized facilities included the attractions, infrastructure, buildings, parking facilities, lighting systems, pedestrian and vehicle circulation routes, and behind-the-scenes utility, mechanical, electrical, irrigation and stormwater systems. The entire park is [...]

$46m Niagara Falls State Park Welcome Center already being built

The 35-year old original visitor center is currently being demolished to make way for the new $46m Niagara Falls State Park Welcome Center in New York. It will serve as a gateway to adventure along the Niagara River Corridor. The new facility will comprise new ticketing and information desks, new concession spaces, interpretive museum space, restrooms, and associated support spaces. It will also have a green roof solar array and a separate restroom building. Amenities to be included are plantings, new paths, outdoor exhibits, and wayfinding guides. It is planned to be finished by 2023 and is expected to improve [...]

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