Barr Lake State Park gets 3 new bald eagle nest baskets

Barr Lake State Park is a prime habitat for bald eagles. However, last April, a cottonwood tree was blown down in a windstorm, destroying a nest that contained two bald eagle eggs. Barr Lake State Park staff are replacing it with 3 new bald eagle nest baskets to help bald eagles easily create nests this year. This is the first time that this was done since the very first nest basket was installed and used by the bald eagles in 1986. Actual bald eagle nests can be 7 to 8 feet across and are often in dead limbs of tall, [...]

Niagara Falls State Park transformation project takes GOLD prize

The Niagara Falls State Park transformation initiative won the Gold Award in the  2021 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (OCEA) awards for its more intimate views of Niagara Falls, green infrastructure and pedestrian circulation. The $65 million transformation of the country's oldest state park consisted of more than 16 full-scale, interconnected projects across 400-plus acres, with the goal of offering visitors a more intimate view of Niagara Falls and modernizing surrounding facilities. Modernized facilities included the attractions, infrastructure, buildings, parking facilities, lighting systems, pedestrian and vehicle circulation routes, and behind-the-scenes utility, mechanical, electrical, irrigation and stormwater systems. The entire park is [...]

2022 reservations open for Idaho State Parks

Guests of the Idaho State Parks can now sign up within the nine-month reservations window for the 2022 season. As early as today, guests can now reserve any date until the around August 8, 2022 or earlier. There were a lot of clamor for Idaho State Park Reservations when the reservation system temporarily shut down due to the transition to the new reservations system. Now that the new system is working, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) are encouraging guests and those interested to visit the Idaho State parks to reserve their preferred dates as early as now [...]

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California State Parks offer free admission on Veterans Day

California State Parks are honoring the services of U.S. veterans, as well as active and reserve personnel, by offering free admission to 133 state parks on Veterans Day, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. A full list of the participating park units can be found online at To enter the parks for free, a valid military ID or a California driver’s license identifying the individual as a veteran must be shown to park staff. Source Photo Credit

Visit a Texas State Park for Free on Nov 14!

In honor of both active and retired military, ALL Texans can visit state parks for free on Sunday, Nov. 14. However, please take note that the free entry only applies to day visits and not for campers. Many parks reach capacity on weekends, so be sure to reserve your day pass online before your visit!   Source Photo Credit

Revised rules for hunting in Oregon State Parks will be updated soon

Administrative Rules guiding hunting within Oregon State Parks will be amended after a virtual meeting of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The Advisory Committee's virtual meeting will take place on November 18, 2021, 8:30am. The agency intends to clarify the hunting zones where hunting is allowed in order to ensure the safety of all visitors as well as protect wildlife and strictly regulate the hunting. The public can view a livestream of the meeting at After the committee review, the rule will open for public comment. Details will be posted on the Proposed OPRD Rules web page. Individuals who require special [...]

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Recent rescues reignite dog leash debate at Minnewaska State Park

Two recent dog rescues in the Hudson Valley in Minnewaska State Park has sparked debates on whether hikers can allow pups to roam freely or have them leashed at all times. In early October, a small cockapoo named Liza fell and became trapped in a rocky wall’s crevice while off leash in the park. The dog spent five days in the crevice, surviving by licking water off its wall. Park officials noted that leashing rules aren’t an inconvenience; they’re in place for the safety of all involved. Source Image Credit

Nine Ohio State Park Lodges to offer Thanksgiving dinner

Celebrate Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 25 with your family and friends without lifting a finger. Leave the Thanksgiving cooking and cleanup to any of the Nine lodges from Ohio State Parks!  Reservations are up for your Thanksgiving celebration this November 25, 2021. Reservations are required and should be made by contacting the state park lodges directly. All nine lodges offer modern conveniences in a rustic, charming setting and a variety of dining options this holiday season. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend makes a great getaway for those who want to focus on family and friends, spend time outside, or just wish [...]

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Sweetwater Lake area to become the next Colorado state park

The land surrounding Sweetwater Lake will become the newest state park through a partnership between Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service. Before, it was owned by The Conservation Fund, a nonprofit organization the works to protect land. This new partnership will allow for infrastructure updates and increased public access. Improved facilities, including a new boat launch, are expected to open next summer of 2022. Source Photo Credit

New rules for drones at Oregon state parks

A recently-formed rules committee in Oregon will consider where drone pilots can take off and land at state parks and the Oregon Coast. The rules will take into account the drones' impact on wildlife and personal privacy of the guests. It is expected that the rules will be approved by February or April 2022 in time for next year's summer season. Source Photo Credit

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Minnesota deer hunters help DNR using an online questionnaire

Starting Jan. 15, 2022, Minnesota deer hunters can use an online questionnaire to report wildlife they see during each hunt. The observation survey will be used by the DNR to do population estimates of various species in each state park. Using a mobile device or laptop, hunters can enter information on the DNR website about wildlife they see each day of hunting, including deer, turkeys, bears, fishers and other species. The DNR also encourages hunters to report specific information about any deer they harvest, including antler size. Hunters are also encouraged to fill out a report after each hunt even if [...]

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Some Indiana State Parks will close temporarily to give way to controlled deer management hunts

Select Indiana State Park properties will close temporarily for a series of controlled deer management hunts in the coming weeks. This activity is done to control the deer population and to protect the natural habitat from overpopulation. Reducing the deer's number also ensures that harmful ticks don't increase in number along with the increase in the deer's number. Regulated deer hunting also generates critical funding for state fish and wildlife agencies through the American System of Conservation Funding. There are two separate weeks that these closures will occur.  The first hunt is on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 until Tuesday, Nov. [...]

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Pass Lake in Deception Pass State Park now safe for anglers

Last September 2021, unsafe levels of anatoxin-a were found in Pass Lake’s water in Deception Pass State Park.   After months of rehabilitation, Pass Lake in Deception Pass State Park is now safe for anglers. The toxin called anatoxin-a is found in blue green algae and an excess of it makes water levels unfit for use in leisure activities within the Deception Pass State Park. After great effort from the park staff via modifications and improvement in water flow, it has now been tested at only 0.182 micrograms per liter. As such, Pass Lake's water is now considered safe to [...]

Natural Tunnel in Virginia will be adorned with Christmas Lights & decorations!

Natural Tunnel will be decorated with Christmas lights beginning  November 26, 2021. The lighting will take place at 6-10pm every Friday and Saturday until December 19, 2021. In addition to the thousands of lights, there will also be a fire for keeping warm, performances by local musicians, letter writing to Santa, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, and stories at the Carter Cabin. Parking will cost $5 per vehicle and chairlift tickets will cost $5 per person for a round trip and $4 for a one-way trip. Please note that Face masks will be required on public transportation. For more information, visit the [...]

Indiana State Parks offer free admission on Black Friday

Go to any paid admission state park, state reservoir or state forest recreation area in Indiana and get to enjoy free admission on Black Friday. Likewise, Veterans can also enjoy free admission on Veterans Day on Nov. 11, 2021. Source Photo Credit

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West Virginia State Parks will give discounts for veterans & active duty personnel

Veterans who stay at a West Virginia state park lodge throughout the month of November are eligible for a 50% discount on lodge room stays. This is a move made by Gov. Jim Justice to show appreciation for the veterans and active duty military personnel. To receive the 50% off lodging deal, guests can make an online reservation at and use offer code “VETS50” at checkout. When making reservations by calling a park or the West Virginia State Park Customer Call Center at 1-833-WVPARKS, the “Veterans Appreciation Rate” should be requested. Presentation of military or veteran status will be requested [...]

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Tennessee’s State Parks Install ‘Colorblind Viewers’

Colorblind viewers have been installed at the Radnor Lake State Park in Tennessee so that they can equally see the beauty of nature. Radnor Lake State Park has finished installing 11 colorblind viewers spread out across the park to promote and let colorblind people appreciate the brilliance of colors of the autumn season. Most of those who tried the viewer mentioned that originally, they could only see green and yellow colors in the trees but when they look into the viewers, they could see more colors in the trees such as red and orange, giving their sightseeing more color and [...]

Hell Creek State Park might be transferred to Little Shell Chippewa Tribe soon

Montana State Parks and the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe are close to transferring the FWP's lease of Hell Creek State Park from the state to the Fort Peck Reservation. A memorandum of agreement was signed in early October 2021 which officially started the process. The tribe is expected to open its reservation system for the 2022 season before year's end. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns the site at Fort Peck Lake. The current plan is to have FWP’s Parks and Recreation Board review and vote on the lease assignment at its Dec. 9 meeting and send the recommendation [...]

Construction of the ADA-compliant Playground in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is nearing completion

Construction of the Playground in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is nearing completion. All that remains to be done is for the turf to be installed, all the safety fences erected, and a signage to be placed in the sidewalk near the entrance that's compliant to the ADA. Meanwhile, construction continues on the outdoor classroom, pavilion, and the museum trail. The playground will include 80 play activities, 73 of which will be inclusive for children with accessibility needs, and play areas based on the age of children. A shading system will make play more comfortable for kids during Mississippi’s hot summers. [...]

Experience Real Ghosthunting at Bannack State Park

Bannack State Park is the place to be if you want to experience REAL ghost hunting and a true spooky experience this Halloween. Located in Dillon, Montana, this ghost town-turned-state park initially rose to fame as the site of Montana's first major gold discovery in 1862. A guided tour gets you stories about the town’s rowdy outlaws and townspeople, as well as access to otherwise restricted areas like the abandoned Hendricks Mill. You can choose between joining the guided tour for the meaty details of the spooky stuff happenings and the actual ghosts seen in the area or you can [...]

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