Enchanted Rock State Natural Area celebrates Christmas in the Park on December 5

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area celebrates Christmas in the Park on December 5 at 10 am to 1 pm. There will be a holiday-themed scavenger hunt, as well as a chance to create a holiday greeting card to send to family, friends, or someone in need. Return for Campfire Carols, 6-7 pm on December 11, which includes hot cocoa, stories, and music with park rangers.   Source Photo Credit

South Llano River State Park will celebrate Christmas at the Ranch on December 4

South Llano River State Park will celebrate Christmas at the Ranch on December 4 at 2-5 pm. Guests can warm up with hot chocolate and cider, listen to live entertainment, enjoy crafts and cookie decorating, and anticipate Santa’s visit while taking in the twinkling lights and Christmas decorations at the historic Ranch House that now serves as park headquarters.   Source Photo Credit

Christmas decorating contest & The Night before Christmas at Lake Tawakoni State Park

Visit the Lake Tawakoni State Park this holiday season. Drive through or stay there and decorate your campsite with your favorite Christmas decorations to receive your second night of camping free during your stay. There will be a decorating contest, complete with awards, as well as a reading of The Night before Christmas — all part of Twinkle Tour 2021, 5-8 pm on December 4, 2021. Source

‘Leave no trace’, Brazos Bend State Park reminds people before busy Thanksgiving weekend

Brazos Bend State Park reminded guests to "leave no trace" while enjoying the outdoors this Thanksgiving weekend. The Texas State Park posted a photo of an alligator with an empty Gatorade bottle in its mouth last November 22, 2021. Brazos Bend stated it wants to send a friendly reminder to all to dispose of trash properly. If people bring it in, they must take the trash away with them when they leave. This is because trash really harms wildlife when they try to eat leftover food that's not good for them and they often end up consuming trash, like plastics, [...]

Visit a Texas State Park for Free on Nov 14!

In honor of both active and retired military, ALL Texans can visit state parks for free on Sunday, Nov. 14. However, please take note that the free entry only applies to day visits and not for campers. Many parks reach capacity on weekends, so be sure to reserve your day pass online before your visit!   Source Photo Credit

Celebrate Halloween in your favorite Texas State Park

A variety of family-friendly Halloween-themed events are going on and scheduled at the state parks across Texas. Activities range from educational  conversations on creepy crawlies and nocturnal animals to pumpkin scavenger hunts along park trails. Here are some of the State Parks and Halloween events lined up for this year in Texas State Parks: San Angelo State Park, San Angelo Oct. 30, 2 p.m. Jack-O-Lantern Scavenger Hunt Can you spot the Jack-O-Lanterns out on the trail with the park ranger? Enjoy a guided scavenger hunt  and learn about many of the plants and animals of the park. Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Athens [...]

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Tongue-eating Louse showed off at Galveston Island State Park in Texas

Galveston Island State Park recently posted about a "fishy" situation. A parasite called a tongue-eating louse or snapper-choking isopod was found inside an Atlantic croaker's tongue. Once it picks its host, the parasite proceeds to detach the fish's tongue then attaches itself to the fish's mouth to act as the tongue. The parasite feeds on the fish's mucus. It doesn't affect the body system of the fish, it just replaces the host's tongue. It is actually pretty common among the following species of fish: Atlantic croaker, spotted seatrout, and a few species of snapper. What's weird is that it has [...]

Buy your own lake with more than 5,000 acres in Dallas

Fancy buying your own lake within a 5,000-acre property? The property is located east of Interstate 45 at Freestone County in Texas and within the 5,000-acre property, there's a 2,500-acre private lake, with 21 miles of undeveloped shoreline. This is perfect for both commercial and private use. Imagine having your own lake! The price is a very hefty asking price of $110.550 million, or $22,000 per acre. But if you have that amount of money, why not buy something that generations of your family can enjoy and develop? The lake was man-built and was constructed in the 1960s by utility [...]

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Migrating whooping cranes are now on way to Texas

Migrating whooping cranes are now on their way to Texas from North Dakota. A portion of a population of 500 cranes are crossing the North Dakota state on a 2,500-mile migration from nesting grounds at Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada to wintering grounds in Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas. Everyone is advised to leave the whooping cranes alone and not to disturb them but they can record the date, time, location, and the birds’ activities and report the sighting to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The reports can help the biologist monitor and locate the whooping crane's [...]

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Autumn is here but the fall foliage is late in Texas – check this map of Fall Foliage to help you plan your Texas road trip

Autumn is here, but the fall foliage seems to be a little late than usual. Central Texas is known to be behind the curve when it comes to brilliant fall foliage displays, but a map by SmokyMountains.com says it’ll be here, eventually. Looking at the map of the Fall Foliage may help you plan your trip to Texas. The said map looks like the one in the screenshot below:   Expect some fall foliage by Oct. 18, it would spread out more by the time Halloween comes. Near Peak is on November 8, while the Peak season of the fall [...]

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Ray Roberts Lake State Park will unveil a New Nature Center this October 9

Ray Roberts Lake State Park will unveil a new nature center this October 9, 2021, Saturday, at the Johnson Branch of the park. The new facility is the result of many years of vision and dedicated work by many park staff & volunteers, and it is made possible by partner organizations, as well as private donors. The grand opening will start at 10 am, with the ribbon-cutting ceremonies and dedication, and will end at 2 pm. The entrance fee is waived for this event. More information can be found at https://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/ray-roberts-lake. Source Photo Credit

Everyone is invited to the 25th Anniversary Celebration at Cooper Lake State Park on October 15!

Cooper Lake State Park’s 25th Anniversary Ceremony will be held at the Doctor’s Creek Unit on Friday, October 15, 2021 at 10 am. and everyone is invited to join the festivities. There will be talks about the Cooper Lake State Park impact and contribution to the state of Texas. Refreshments will be served and the event is sponsored by the Friends of Doctors Creek. Music will be provided by the Mighty Maroon Jazz Band. Complete Address is as follows: Cooper Lake State Park – Doctors Creek Unit – 95 Park Road 8154 – Cooper, TX 75432 903-395-3100/903-945-5256. Source Photo Credit [...]

Grand Opening of New Nature Center at Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park has announced the date of the grand opening of their new Nature Center at the Johnson Branch. The ribbon-cutting event will be on October 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., tour around the facility will be given after the ceremony. All admission and park fees are waived for this special event. The park will also host multiple activities for little children and will also have a variety of booths showcasing Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) programs, various outdoor recreation events, and TPWD jobs. Area partners from the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association, Texas Master [...]

Hueco Tanks State Park will celebrate its 27th annual interpretive fair

Hueco Tanks State Park will celebrate its 27th annual interpretive fair on Oct. 16-17, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will have guided tours, history lessons of the park history educational exhibits, and dance performances from Native Americans. Hueco Tanks State Park is one of the best places to do rock climbing. The park is located at 6900 Hueco Tanks Road No. 1, east of El Paso, there will be no admission fee, all park entry fees will be waived for the weekend. Source Photo Credit

Young Dolphin found at Goose Island State Park with its dead mother, rescued and nursed back to health

A young dolphin was rescued in June of this year and was found at the Goose Island State Park in Texas, with its dead mother nearby. It looked like the young dolphin was malnourished and wasn’t eating so the Texas State Aquarium’s Institute for Wildlife Conservation and rescue program mobilized its rescue team to nurse the dolphin back to full health. The young dolphin is now healthy but can’t be released in the wild because it was nursed and fed by the rescue team and was already used to being cared for. The dolphin didn’t have a name because they [...]

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