Man discovers rare ichthyosaur fossil while boting along the shores of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Paleontologists recently discovered a rare “fish-lizard” in northeastern Utah. A team of Utah State Parks paleontologists is studying a fossilized marine reptile that was found along the shores of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The ancient creature is called an ichthyosaur or fish lizard. It looks like a prehistoric dolphin with fangs, except it is more of a fish than a mammal. The fossil consists of a fore fin, vertebrae, and ribs. The average size of an ichthyosaur could be as big as an adult dolphin to a small whale. It had a similar snout and compact fins with a tail [...]

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Fish Lizard fossil found at Flaming Gorge Utah

Alan Dailey was boating at the reservoir in May when he spotted a large fossilized fish in a sandstone, he immediately contacted the state paleontologists and sent photos. Experts found that Dailey had discovered the fossilized vertebrae, fore fin, and ribs from an animal known as an ichthyosaur, or "fish-lizard," that lived during the Late Jurassic epoch. Ichthyosaurs are marine reptiles that were similar to dolphins with long snout and conical teeth, streamlined bodies, and tails that are built for speed. They swam during the Mesozoic era shortly before the extinction of the dinosaurs, a time span of almost 130 [...]

79-year-old hiker lost for 5 days in Zion National Park, Found!

79-year-old John Fiske Burg was lost in Zion National Park since Tuesday was rescued when he was able to call 911 and was also able to leave a voicemail for his family last Friday, rangers said. Zion National Park sent out this Missing Person report: Burg was last seen around 7 a.m. on Tuesday leaving the La Quinta hotel in Kanab, Utah, where he was staying with other groups of hikers and mentioned that he might hike the Canyon Overlook Trails. His vehicle was found at the start of the mentioned trail route, but it’s unknown when is the exact [...]

Public assess the future of Bridal Veil Falls Content

Provo Utah State Parks surveyed the people about their opinion on the future of Bridal Veil Falls. The options presented are: turn the area into a state park, state monument, state recreation area, or leave it alone. Remember that last December 2020 The Utah County Commission approved a conservation easement, halting any commercial or private development in the area. The Utah State Legislature has since asked Utah State Parks to research possible options for Bridal Veil Falls. Last Wednesday, an open forum was held at the Provo Recreation Center where those who are advocates of the area’s future were presented [...]

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Weather service warns Emery County of possible lightning, large hail and high winds

The National Weather Service issued a special weather statement for the towns of Castle Dale, Ferron, and Clawson in Emery County that they could experience strong winds, pebble size hail, and continuous lightning. South-central Wayne County also was given a warning of possible flash floods, particularly in Capitol Reef National Park. Heavy rain and thunderstorms could cause dangerous flooding in streams, creeks, and highways. Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge roads were closed until further notice, park officials tweeted. There is also an advisory for high winds to certain parts of northern Utah county which could reduce driving visibility, blow around [...]

Forgotten ghost town resurfaces after 60 years because of drought

A drought in Utah's Rockport Reservoir revealed a forgotten town's foundation. Due to the drought, the reservoir has experienced its lowest level recently since being filled 64 years ago. The said town was abandoned and forgotten in 1957 because of a Utah government announcement pertaining to a dam-building project. Wanship Dam now impounds Rockport Lake. Due to the drought, parts of the forgotten town have now been revealed. Source Photo credit: drone shot of Rockport Reservoir ghost town by Devon Dewey

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