William J. Rish Recreational Park on Florida in Gulf County, Florida, is a park specifically created for wheelchair-bound Floridians, and it has been closed for almost three years after the mayhem of Hurricane Michael, upsetting those disabled who use it.

Ever since the situation has been reported on local TV during the beginning of September, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) announced that they agreed to turn over the operation of the state park system and will have new management this coming December first.

The plan is to open the park in phases in which the priority is beach access. The park will have boating, fishing, beach-going, camping, and more.

Leading advocates and the disabled community are thrilled with this news and are excited about new opportunities and being involved since Rish Park is a place for them where they go to feel normal, have fun, and not be made to feel different by others.

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