Maquoketa Caves State Park’s 12 amazing and breathtaking caves were formed 435 million years ago. The bedrock on display at the park is dolomite which is similar to limestone.

The park’s dolomite walls consist of fossilized marine critters like crinoids, corals, brachiopods, and trilobites. The caves are still not that popular but given time, the caves will be a great crowd drawer for Maquoketa Caves State Park in Utah.

Make sure that when you visit the caves, that you can handle winding staircases, and you’re an experienced hiker who’s  used to walking miles. There is a total of 6 miles looping with well-marked trails. You can choose from any of the 12 caves and explore the area. Look out for fossils and indigenous artifacts such as the Fox or Sauk origin potteries and tools.

Thirty campsites are available to be booked and aside from camping, you can rent tubes and float down the Maquoketa River.

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