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overlooking the water at elkhead reservoir state park

The reservoir at Elkhead Reservoir State Park. Photo: Park Facebook page

Elkhead Reservoir State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Craig, and is about 200 miles northwest of the city of Denver. The park offers boating, fishing, hiking, and camping with breathtaking views of Elkhead Reservoir.


There are a large variety of amusements available to Elkhead Reservoir State Park visitors.

Here is a sampling of the many activities at Elkhead Reservoir park:

Boating At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Elkhead Reservoir State Park is a boater’s paradise. Over 900 surface areas can be boated on across this park, with welcome access to power boaters, water skiers, and anglers. All boats should be inspected for Aquatic Nuisance Species before taking to the water. However, boat registrations and renewals are available at the nearby Yampa River State Park visitor center.

Swimming At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Swimming is welcome at the Elkhead Reservoir State Park swim beach, though it should be noted that there is no lifeguard on duty, so all swimmers should swim at their own risk. Also keep in mind that all children should be under adult supervision while in the park, especially when near open water or swimming.

Hiking At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

While hiking is not the main attraction at this state park, visitors can follow walking trails along the outside edge of the reservoir for beautiful views and several fishing locations. These hiking opportunities are fairly casual, but can offer a sense of peace and relaxation while surrounded by nature, and are a great way to wind down after a day of boating fun in Elkhead Reservoir State Park.

Fishing At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

While there are fishing opportunities are the reservoir, it is a good idea to check local fishing conditions and catch limits before taking to the park, as drought conditions can impact the fishing quality at the reservoir. Keep in mind all local and state fishing license requirements before taking to the park, and be conscious of protected species and catch limits.

Hunting At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Elkhead Reservoir State Park is open for hunting during the correct season, and only after Labor Day. There are specified hunting areas, as well as specific waterfowl hunting restrictions and areas. Keep in mind local and state licensing requirements before planning to hunt in any state park, and be mindful of safety requirements as well as weather conditions.

Pets At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Dogs are more than welcome at Elkhead Reservoir State Park, so long as they are kept on 6 foot or shorter leads, their waste is taken care of properly, and they are under control at all times. However, dogs are not allowed in the water for any reason, even at the swim beach.

Camping At Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Elkhead Reservoir State Park is home to two main campgrounds: Bear’s Ears and Pronghorn. Bear’s Ears is home to 16 non-electric campsites and is to the north of the dam, while Pronghorn has 30 electric campsites and is to the north of the boat ramp. Keep in mind that all campsites must be reserved in advance through the state park website.

Park Location

Elkhead Reservoir State Park
135 County Road 28
Craig CO 81625
Phone: 970.276.2061



Below is a short video highlighting several activities at Elkhead Reservoir State Park: