In the past, Nevada was considered as a drive-through to get to somewhere else. Now, Nevada is considered as a hidden gem filled with high mountain peaks, vast deserts, idyllic state parks, intriguing ghost towns, and two stunning national parks.

The Ruby Mountains, Nevada’s wettest mountain range, should not be missed. The glacier-carved range and canyon valley are so unexpectedly beautiful and often compared to the Swiss Alps.

If you love camping and hiking with beautiful sights of alpine Aspen trees, try the Thomas Canyon campground. Several lakes such as Liberty Lake and Island Lake are good for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing licenses, species guides, and maps to fishing opportunities can be found online at

For those who love extraordinary adventures this Halloween, visit the ghost town of Jarbidge and the Jarbidge Wilderness.

The town of Jarbridge is known as the most isolated mining town in Nevada and still has a few lingering residents.

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