State Parks in Wyoming are all set to match the visitation records of 2020.

Through October, 5,199,772 people have visited Wyoming’s State Parks and Historic Sites in 2021, a 24% increase over the system’s five-year average.

The reason for this is attributed to warm temperatures, post-pandemic momentum and the return of first-time visitors from last year.

Glendo State Park has continued to sustain last year’s momentum with increased visitation throughout much of the year. Through October, Glendo has hosted 660,027 recreationists compared to 610,836 last year; an increase of 8%.

Other state parks that posted positive numbers this year are Boysen, 4%; Curt Gowdy, 10%; Guernsey, 12%; and Hawk Springs, 10%.

Wyoming State Parks are working on expanding campgrounds throughout the system, as well as other outdoor recreation opportunities such as archery ranges, additional trails and special events.


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