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sunset over lake at james m robb state parkJames M Robb State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Clifton, and is around 56 miles northwest of the city of Montrose. The park offers biking, fishing, birding, and boating with breathtaking views of Colorado River.


There are a number of amusements available to James M Robb State Park patrons.

Here are some highlights of the many things to do at James M Robb park:

Boating At James M Robb State Park

James M Robb State Park is home to several interconnected park locations, and while there is incredible boating to be had across the entire park, it is important to pay attention to where you can and can’t boat. Hand propelled, electric, and sail boats can all be launched at Island Acres, Corn Lake, Connected Lakes, and Fruita. River access can be found through Corn Lake, Connected Lakes, and Fruita. It is important to note there is no boating within the Colorado River Wildlife Area, the Pear Park section of the park, or within the swimming area of Island Acres.

With all this kept in mind, be sure to check out the various boating rules and regulations for the state of Colorado before preparing to launch your vessel. Thankfully, with so many lakes in the park to choose from, you’re sure to have a largely uninterrupted day sailing along the pristine lakefront that makes this park so incredible.

Whitewater rafting is also available at both Corn Lake and Fruita, with everything from class I to class IV or V rapids depending on where you approach the river. Check out the state page to find out more about whitewater rafting the Colorado River.

Swimming At James M Robb State Park

The main and only swim area at James M Robb State Park is at Island Acres. While this beach does not allow pets on the beach or in the water, it is an incredible swimming location for those looking to spend the day having fun in the sun. Keep in mind that no glass or fires are allowed at the swim beach for safety reasons and that Colorado state parks do not have a lifeguard on duty. As always, any children should be under adult supervision at all times and should be observed when in or around a body of water.

Paddleboarding can be done at several of the locations in the park, including Corn Lake, Island Acres, and Connected Lakes. Not only can paddleboards be rented on location, but there are incredible views that can only be accessed while paddleboarding. Be sure to follow all safety guidelines while paddleboarding.

Hiking At James M Robb State Park

Hiking throughout the interconnected gems that make up James M Robb State Park is an incredible way to experience the wildlife of the area. Each area of the park has its own walking and hiking trails, as well as paved roadways that take you alongside the various amenities, meaning the dedicated pedestrian can see most of the park on foot.

Here are some of the trails at James M Robb State Park:

  • Corn Lake Wildlife Area Trail – This paved hiking trail winds through the Corn Lake area of the park, and ends at the Wildlife Area just beyond 29 Road. This paved walking trail is ADA-accessible, and perfect for the casual hiker, as well as wildlife enthusiasts who are hoping to see the park up close and personal. Length: 4 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Island Acres Colorado River Trail – This trail winds along the Colorado River and allows hikers to catch glimpses of wild horses and bighorn sheep. Length: 0.75 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Connected Lakes Trail – This trail circuit is made up of several hardpacked and paved trails that snake through the Connected Lakes area. Hikers can appreciate views of the various waterfronts throughout this section of the park while enjoying an easy to moderate hike. While the paths are easy to follow and are largely wheel-friendly, the length of the circuit can add a degree of difficulty. Length: 4 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy to moderate

Biking At James M Robb State Park

Those looking to mountain bike at James M Robb State Park should beeline their way to the Fruita Section. The North Fruita Desert and Kokopelli Trailhead are two great mountain biking trails in the area.

Those looking to take on paved trails can explore the paved trail between Corn Lake and 29 Road, as well as a path that leads to the City of Grand Junction. More adventurous bikers can take this trail all the way to Fruita, meaning that your biking loop can be customized depending on your preferred difficulty level. There is also biking in the Island Acres section of the park, including the Palisade Rim Trail, which shows off the glory of the valley from the comfort of your bike.

Fishing At James M Robb State Park

If you’re looking for a fishing paradise, James M Robb State Park has 100 acres worth of water surface area to offer, as well as several species of fish. Trout are stocked at Island Acres, Corn Lake, and Fruita during the spring and fall, while Corn Lake is stocked with black crappie and largemouth bass. Those looking to fish at the park should follow all state and local guidelines and be cognisant of bag limits and regulations before setting off on their next fishing trip.

Birding At James M Robb State Park

Fall and spring are the peak birding seasons at James M Robb State Park, as this park is home to migratory birds. Owls make their nests throughout the park area, while great blue herons can be found throughout the park itself. Bald eagles are found near Fruita and Island Acres, while osprey can be spotted during the summer and fall before the lakes ice over. Birding enthusiasts will also find the paved trails that make their way around the Connected Lakes are ideal for spotting waterfowl.

Picnicking At James M Robb State Park

Picnic areas for individuals are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. These picnic locations can be found in all areas of the park, and in many cases, amenities with potable water are close by. All picnic areas have some form of table, and some have a grill available for cooking.

There are several group picnic sites throughout James M Robb State Park, though all require advanced reservation. Red Rocks Group Picnic Area in Fruita can host up to 150 people and has covered shelter, tables, electricity, and grills. The two group picnic areas at Island Acres, Wildhorse Group Picnic Area and Grand River Group Picnic Area are electric and non-electric respectively. Wildhorse can accommodate up to 150 guests, while the uncovered Grand River can host up to 45 people.

Seasonal Activities At James M Robb State Park

Waterfowl hunting is available in season at specified locations in the park. Island Acres, Corn Lake’s Franklin blind, 34 Road, Pear Park, and the Colorado River Wildlife Area are all open for hunting but require a reservation. Be sure to check the park’s hunting page for more information.

While snowmobiling is not allowed on the park, visitors can walk along the packed and paved trails during the winter months as they are maintained year-round. There is also ice fishing available with the correct permit, and winter camping.

Pets At James M Robb State Park

Dogs are welcome at James M Robb State Park, so long as their waste is properly disposed of, and all dogs are kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed on the swim beach or in the swim areas throughout the park.

Camping At James M Robb State Park

James M Robb State Park has plenty of camping sites to choose from, including group camping areas at Fruita. Keep in mind that all Colorado state parks require advance registration for all campsites. Campsites are located at Island Acres and Fruita, and there are a variety of electric hookup options, as well as more isolated camping sites. Be sure to thoroughly study your camping site of choice before reserving, as the amenities vary depending on the location you choose.

Park Location

James M Robb State Park
361-​32 Road
Clifton CO 81520
Phone: 970.434.3388



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