Everyone is invited to the Iowa All-State Park Tour on October 22, 2021. There will be a windshield tour of the park. Those who want to join needs to meet at Villisca at Casey’s at 9:30 AM.

Tour will start at Viking Lake State Park and the expected arrival would be at 10 AM. The tour will proceed to Cold Springs State Park near Griswold and then onto Lake Anita for the rest of the day.

The purposes of the tour are to show support for state parks in Iowa, recognize the contributions that state parks provide to our quality of life, celebrate Iowa State Parks Centennial, and enjoy traveling along Iowa’s most scenic roadways at a leisurely pace.  You will visit Iowa’s most beautiful areas and meet some of our best people.

Take this challenge to get a glimpse of wildlife in road ditches, have more time to enjoy barn art, wave at oncoming drivers, and beep your horn at the

More information about the tour can be found on the website: www.annareamodela.com

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