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Dead tree in water against sunset at Lake Arrowhead State Park

With over 100 miles of shoreline and covering some 16,000 acres, Lake Arrowhead is one of the premium destinations in Texas for those who enjoy water based recreational activities.

Located just a 20 minute drive from Witchita Falls, (and just over 2 hours from Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth) the park is one of eight that flank this stunning waterway.

Almost completely untouched from human development, it is the perfect place to head to when you want to escape into nature. With activities like canoeing, kayaking, SUP and swimming being very popular here.

A haven for anglers too, this Texas state park offers a number of trails for hiking and horse back riding which showcase its gorgeous, leafy scenery.

Disc golf and geocaching are also regularly practiced here too, while there are a range of good camping options for those who want to stay for a weekend or longer vacation.


While at the park, visitors can engage in a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

Here are just a handful of the many things you can see and do during your time there.

Boating at Lake Arrowhead State Park

Aside from the swimming area, and the no-wake area around the boat launch, you can take your motorboat pretty much anywhere you want on Lake Arrowhead!

If you would prefer to ride an unpowered vessel like a kayak, canoe or SUP, you will find plenty of room near the shoreline to enjoy these activities.

You may enjoy heading over to the spillway too, as the water is very stoic there and the oil derricks are a pretty cool thing to see.

Swimming at Lake Arrowhead State Park

At the park you will find a swimming area with a lovely beach, picnic areas and children’s playground, which is a terrific place to spend the afternoon.

Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can make your way over to the small bay that provides a more tranquil and remote stretch of shoreline for you to relax on.

Wherever you choose to swim, just be mindful that as there are no lifeguards on duty, you will have to exercise caution when you enter the water.

Fishing at Lake Arrowhead State Park

Fishing is a hugely popular activity with anglers from all over Texas coming to the park for the chance to cast a line.

You’ll find all three of the famous Texas Trio – crappie, bass and catfish – in abundance in the lake, with the latter regularly weighing it at 40 pound fish. (The lake record is a whopping 75 pounds!).

While some people take to the water on a boat, most tend to fish by the shore, or on one of the two large fishing piers at the lake.

You don’t need a license in Texas for shore fishing and if you forgot to bring your gear with you, rods and reels can be hired from the park.

Trails at Lake Arrowhead State Park

One of the best ways to explore the park’s interior is through its multi-purpose hiking, biking and horseback riding trails.

Overall there are three trails which meander through the park, all of which showcase its pristine terrain.

Probably the most popular of these is the Onion Creek Trail that extends for four miles. Covering several different landscapes it is a fabulous place to see the gorgeous wildflowers that carpet the area in early spring.

Another good trail to tackle is the Dragonfly Trail. Stretching for half a mile, this stroller and wheelchair friendly trail provides lots of information about the local flora and fauna.

For those looking for a slightly more challenging hike, the Mesquite Ridge Trail requires negotiating a jagged ridge.

When on any of these trails, be considerate of others and keep an eye out for snakes.

Disc Golf at Lake Arrowhead State Park

Disc Golf is a very fun game to partake in and at the park there is a 4,800-foot course available to play on.

Covering 18 holes, with about 300 feet between each hole, the course has several challenging obstacles to tackle. Be sure to keep an eye out for cactus, prairie dog holes and sticker bushes!

The disc course here is very well maintained and has even hosted some professional tournaments over the years.

Pets at Lake Arrowhead State Park

Pets are welcome to join you on your visit to the park, although some restrictions on their presence may be in place.

To make sure you are fully aware of what they are, it would be a good idea to contact the park’s main office for further clarification.

Camping at Lake Arrowhead State Park

For those who are looking to stay overnight at the park, there are several accommodation options open to you.

These include 48 campsites that come with hookups for water and 50-amp electricity. Each of these sites come with their own picnic tables and fire rings and are situated near restrooms that have showers.

To complement them there are also 19 campsites with water that come with similar amenities, as well as 5 primitive walk-in campsites, that can each sleep up to eight people.

For those visiting the park with their horse there is an equestrian campsite with four plots that come with hookups for water and 50-amp electricity. These sites also feature a tie rail and corral, as well as covered stalls.

Situated in the parking lot, there is also an overflow camping area too.

Park Location

Lake Arrowhead State Park
229 Park Rd 63
Wichita Falls, TX 76310
Phone: 580.569.2032




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