When we talk about popularity and lavish state park resorts, Lodges in Ohio is definitely on top. A 10th lodge is now under construction and is expected to open by 2022. Currently, there are a total of 9 publicly-owned overnight lodges in the Ohio State Parks.

Occupancy rate of the lodges in Ohio is particularly high with Geneva-on-the-Lake taking the top spot. The occupancy rate here is pretty high considering there is still a pandemic.

These are the average occupancy rate as well as the overnight rate per lodge based on the review of Ohio Department of Natural Resources:

1. Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake, 63.8%, $169.67
2. Hueston Woods, 54.1%, $125.64
3. Maumee Bay, 51.3%, $126.54
4. Mohican, 47.65%, $119.08
5. Burr Oak, 47.4%, $107.66
6. Shawnee, 46.2%, $99.83
7. Punderson, 43.23%, $125.53
8. Deer Creek, 38.8%, $119.63
9. Salt Fork, 37.53%, $120.74

Note: The overnight rates provided for all but the Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake and Mohican incorporate the rates for park cabins, which may inflate the numbers.

Source of data: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake


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