Sam Houston Jones State Park has been closed for more than a year now and many groups have come to the park represented by outdoor enthusiasts,  boy and girl scouts, nature lovers, and bird watchers. All of them are eager to volunteer and help the state park to open again to the public.

Before its closure, Sam Houston Jones State Park was a great place to do jogging, camping under the stars, and surveying native plants, birds, and other wildlife. However, when Hurricane Laura devastated the area, it was no longer the same.

Many people are asking, when will it open again?

In the current situation, volunteers are unsafe in the area because of the damage, cleanup and repairs needed. There are also a lot of dead and leaning trees that may be a cause for danger.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Parks Cliff Melius explained that work is underway & aside from fixing and renovating, they will be adding new cabins. Hopefully, the park will open again by winter.


Photo Credit: Louisiana Office State Parks