The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is offering special antlerless deer hunting opportunities within 3 state parks namely: Eugene T. Mahoney, Platte River state parks, & Schramm Park State Recreation Area. A permit is needed to hunt antlerless deers in designated areas of the park on specific dates using specific equipment only. Successful applicants must attend an orientation session to receive the access permit.

One permit per person is accepted until 5 pm on Oct. 31, 2021. If more applications are received than can be accommodated, a drawing will be held on November 4, 2021. There are limited slots available to avoid overhunting.

Hunters may obtain an application at or by calling Mahoney State Park at 402-944-2523, ext. 7122, Platte River State Park at 402-234-2217, Schramm Education Center at 402-332-3901, or Game and Parks’ Southeast District office at 402-471-5431. Please take note of the legal equipment allowed since some parks only allow archery.

For more information, contact the Southeast District Office or the parks.

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