There is a clamor for the ongoing bison hunt at Grand Canyon National Park to be canceled immediately.

People believe that bison is a national treasure and should be respected and protected.

For five weeks since September 20 this year, the National Park Service began allowing 12 hunters picked by lottery to each kill one bison each. However, this shouldn’t be allowed since federal law not only grants safety to wildlife inside park boundaries, it protects park visitors who want to experience serene nature, not the sound of a gunshot and the sight of bloody carcasses.

The park service and The Arizona Game and Fish Commission defended the hunt because they say there are too many bison harming park resources including vegetation, water, and sacred archeological sites.

Anyone who recalls the fate of another beleaguered species, the burros of the Grand Canyon, will be experiencing a strong sense of déjà vu about now. These same exact words were used by park biologists in 1979 to explain why they wanted to shoot hundreds of burros — for decimating watering holes, vegetation, and archaeological sites.

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