Truman Van Patrick was surfing at the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park last Monday when he had an unfortunate encounter with a shark who bit his left foot. He attempted to catch a wave when he felt the bite on his foot.

People on the beach witnessed what happened and called 911. The ambulance did come but he drove himself to the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute in Fort Pierce after his foot was wrapped.

He says that despite being bitten, he acknowledges that the area he was in was the shark’s home. He knew that it wasn’t a fatal wound since he could still move his foot. He had about 70 stitches, and he sustained broken bones. What’s surprising was a part of the shark’s tooth got embedded on his foot so had it removed.

He says that after some time, he will still return to the water but will be more aware because we should all be aware when we go in the ocean.

There were other shark bites reported on the Treasure Coast this year, here are some of them:

Jensen Beach Park Oct. 3
Walton Rocks Beach Aug. 21
Bathtub Beach July 10
Wabasso Beach Park April 29 and March 30
John’s Island Club beach March 25

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