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Michigan state parks is looking for food trucks, bike rentals, boat rentals and camp stores!

The Michigan DNR announced nearly two dozen concessionaire opportunities at Michigan State Parks. They are currently looking for companies and entrepreneurs to provide boat rentals, bike rentals, camp stores, and food trucks. Aside from these, DNR is also open to new concession ideas for the state parks. A new map tool is available at the DNR’s concessions bidding information website for potential partners to see the locations of concessions already operating in a particular state park, and to find where they want to fit their business within the state park. Some opportunities include: Belle Isle Park: Bicycle rental, watercraft rental, [...]

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Hurry and enjoy the Camping Season! Camping ends Oct. 31 in Michigan state parks

Only a few weeks left before the 2021 camping season comes to a close! Visitors only have until October 31, 2021, to enjoy camping season in the Michigan state parks. Baraga State Park Account Assistant Kelly Somero says camping attendance this year is higher than last year including McLain State Park, which remains busy until this moment. Michigan state park visitors are advised to wear proper footwear, and to make sure that there is enough provision of food and water, and also to be prepared for the cold and change in weather. Make sure to check reservations online to ensure [...]

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