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Should selfies using selfie sticks should be banned in Yellowstone National Park?

Lost, misused, and falling selfie sticks pose a threat not only to the Yellowstone National Park visitors but also to its thermal resources. Recently, lots of people are using selfie sticks that could even be longer than 10 feet in length in order to gain better perspectives on their photos however there are times when phones fall into hot springs, selfie sticks break, or people losing grip causes damage or injury to others and to the park. Disneyland has long ago, banned selfie sticks to reduce the threat of harm to others. Van Gogh Museum as well as so many [...]

3 Young Wolves from a popular pack were killed by hunters in Montana

Yellowstone National Park biologists and park officials reported that 2 female wolf pups and one young wolf barely a year old from a popular wolf pack were killed by hunters in Montana. The killing was made just outside the northern boundary after the start of the wolf season. The killings were considered lawful since a law was signed by Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte, permitting the hunt to reduce attacks on livestock. The Montana Park is currently trying to convince Montana officials to reinstate the law regarding wolf hunting to protect its wolf packs which are sadly, now down to just [...]