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reservoir at vega state park

The reservoir at Vega State Park. Photo: Park Facebook page

Vega State Park is a state park in Colorado located in Collbran, and is around 51 miles northeast from the city of Grand Junction. The park offers snowmobiling, birding, fishing, and hiking with great views of Vega Reservoir.


There are a number of activities available to Vega State Park explorers.

Here are some highlights of the many things to do at Vega park:

Boating At Vega State Park

Vega State Park has lovely boating and water sports activities along its lake.

Not only is the lake open to traditional boating, but it is also open to both wake and wakeless activities, including swimming, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and more.

Swimming is allowed in the lake itself in the no-wake zones, so all boaters should be aware of their surroundings and conscious of other park visitors.

Keep in mind that all boats and other forms of watercraft must be inspected for aquatic nuisance species (ANS) before launching in the lake, to protect the natural aquatic environment.

For more information on boating, including boat ramp locations and peak seasons, check out the Vega State Park website.

Swimming At Vega State Park

While there is no designated swim beach within the park, the Vega Reservoir is open to swimmers in any of the wakeless zones.

Keep in mind that there are no lifeguards on duty in the park and that all visitors swim at their own risk. Personal floatation devices are recommended, and it is best that all swimmers pay attention to nearby boats for their own safety.

Hiking At Vega State Park

The trails at the park are open all year-round, and visitors can experience incredible views of the reservoir and lake. The Vega State Park trails can lead to plenty of surprises, including excellent fishing locations, or hidden valleys full of natural flora and fauna.

Here are some of the trails at Vega State Park:

  • Vega Trail – This trail begins at the northern side of the park, and ends at the Oak Point Campground within the park. This trail is surrounded by scrub brush and has excellent views of the lake. Length: 1.6 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Aspen Nature Trail – This trail goes around the southern side of the lake, and provides excellent wildflower viewing opportunities. This trail finishes at the Aspen Grove Campground, hence its name. Length: 2.2 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • South Road Winter Trail – In the summer, this trail is covered in packed gravel and is ideal for biking or hiking. In winter, this trail becomes a snowmobiling trail that is perfect for snowshoeing or snowmobiling. Keep in mind that this trail is considered a road in the summer, so behave apropriately. Length: 2.2 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy-moderate

Biking At Vega State Park

While bikes are not allowed on the nature trails, there are 7 miles worth of paved or gravel trails inside Vega State Park that are open to bikers.

Those looking to bike around the park will find the most paths in the campsite area, though there are biking locations along the waterfront that come with gorgeous views and bracing summer breezes perfect for the adventurous biker.

For more information on nearby biking trails and roads, check out the Vega State Park website.

Fishing At Vega State Park

The park has several fishing locations, including an ADA-accessible fishing peir. People can also fish from the shore or on a boat, though it is important to keep in mind that all fishing restrictions and licenses do apply while within the park.

For more information about peak fishing seasons, as well as some of the best locations to catch prize-winning fish in the park, check out the Vega State Park website.

Horseback Riding At Vega State Park

Not only are there 7 miles of horseback trails at Vega State Park but there are also horse trailer parking areas for anyone looking to access the trails within Grand Mesa National Forest.

Keep in mind that horses may not be allowed in some areas of the park. For more information, or to rent a horse, check out the state park website.

Winter Activities At Vega State Park

Vega State Park is an incredible staging ground for snowmobiling during the winter months, with access to hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails.

For those who prefer taking in the sights on foot, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also permitted.

While ice fishing and ice staking are both allowed in the park, visitors should be prepared to clean off their own ice area and be cautious of all frozen surfaces, as the depth of the ice is unknown.

Pets At Vega State Park

Dogs are welcome in the park so long as they are kept on a 6-foot or shorter leash and their waste is properly disposed of.

Horses are welcome in the park, and there are horse trailer parking spaces as well as corrals available for rent, subject to availability.

Camping At Vega State Park

Not only are there three campgrounds within Vega State Park, with sites ranging from pull-through RV sites to traditional pad camping, but there are also cabins available for rent.

Winter camping is available in the park, as there are plenty of electric hookups that are not season-dependent, as well as cabin options that stay open all season round.

For more information on campsites, or to make a reservation, check out the Vega State Park website.

Park Location

Vega State Park
15247 North 6/10 Road Unit A
Collbran CO 81624
Phone: 970.487.3407



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