The price of Sno-Park permits will increase this coming winter. The new fee will take into effect this November 1, 2021. A seasonal permit will cost $50 (from $40), an annual snowmobile permit $50 (from $40), a special groomed trail sticker $70 (from $40) and a daily Sno-Park permit will cost $25 (up from $20). The new fees were approved almost a year ago by the Washington State Parks.

For the past years, the user-funded program has opened several Sno-Parks around the state and created temporary Sno-Parks to meet customer demand, and for the longest time, Sno-Park permit prices have not increased.

The cross-country skiers at Mount Spokane State Park will feel the significant impact due to the special groomed trail sticker needed to park nearly doubling in cost. These increases will fund and develop new parks and will be used to continue groom cross-country ski trails.

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