Project W, a women’s giving circle, is looking for paid members for their group for the year 2022.

All women of all backgrounds are invited to apply and must meet certain criteria, “but it all boils down to the willingness to help others in need” said Kim D’Ambrosio, the chair of the group.

Project W members are dedicated to improving the quality of life for women in Delaware County. In only three years since its inception, Project W’s 148 members have given over $175,000 in grants and donations. This year they awarded $30,000 to Wesley House Shelter, $15,000 to Tyler Arboretum, and $15,000 Mitzvah Circle Foundation.

Women can join as an individual for $550, or they can create their own mini-giving circle with up to 5 women and join as a group at the same rate. For charity’s spirit Project W members also sponsored the Project W Fellowship Program, which will allow a free one-year individual membership to 4 women who want to make a difference in their community.”

Project W operates under The Community’s Foundation’s (TCF) charitable umbrella. TCF gives organizational and fiduciary services to a variety of charitable groups across Delaware County, as a way to empower citizens to take philanthropy into their own hands.

Those interested can call TCF at 610-461-6571. For donations, you can visit their webpage at

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