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fishermen at yampa river state park

Fishing at Yampa River State Park. Photo: Park Facebook page

Yampa River State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Hayden, and is around 165 miles northeast of the city of Grand Junction. The park offers boating, fishing, whitewater rafting, and birding with scenic views of Yampa River.


There are a large variety of amusements available to Yampa River State Park patrons.

Here is a sampling of the many activities at Yampa River park:

Boating At Yampa River State Park

Yampa River State Park has 13 access points throughout the park.

With 134 miles of the river contained within the park, boaters can enjoy the river from several different locations, transitioning from mountain scenery to the splendor of the Dinosaur National Monument along the Utah border.

Seven locations in the park have boating ramps, while six of the access points are nearby camping areas, restrooms, and picnic spaces.

While there are different flow speeds throughout the river, the rapids in the river make for incredible white-water rafting. There are plenty of spots to put into the river and various companies offer whitewater rafting in the park.

For more information about boating at Yampa River State Park, as well as boating rules throughout the park, check out the state park website.

Hiking At Yampa River State Park

While there may not be a ton of trails available at Yampa River State Park, the one-mile nature trail in the park is a lovely walking opportunity, especially after a long day on the river.

Those looking to explore more of the park can walk along the various roads in the campgrounds, or explore the various boat launches throughout the park.

Fishing At Yampa River State Park

The river is home to many species of fish, including both warm- and cold-water species of fish. Upstream from the park is a trout fishery, meaning the river is always stocked with healthy trout in the peak season.

Around the Steamboat Springs area, as well as on the eastern end of the park, there is plenty of trout, small-mouth bass, and northern pike.

For more information about fishing in the park, as well as peak fishing locations and conditions and bag limits, check out the state park website.

Birding At Yampa River State Park

The Yampa River Headquarters is home to a nature trail, as well as an observation deck perfect for spotting different species of birds that make their home in the park.

Birders looking for more information on the different birds spotted in the park, check out the Yampa River State Park website.

Pets At Yampa River State Park

Dogs are allowed in the park so long as they are kept on a 6-foot or shorter leash and their waste is properly disposed of.

Camping At Yampa River State Park

Yampa River State Park has several different campsite locations throughout the park. Not only are there plenty of drive-in campsite locations, but there are also traditional campsites equipped with fire rings, grills, and picnic tables.

For more information about the various campsites and amenities in the park, as well as to make a campsite reservation, check out the Yampa River State Park website.

Park Location

Yampa River State Park
6185 W. US Hwy. 40
Hayden CO 81639
Phone: 970.276.2061



Here is a short video showing a number of activities at Yampa River State Park: