A young dolphin was rescued in June of this year and was found at the Goose Island State Park in Texas, with its dead mother nearby.

It looked like the young dolphin was malnourished and wasn’t eating so the Texas State Aquarium’s Institute for Wildlife Conservation and rescue program mobilized its rescue team to nurse the dolphin back to full health.

The young dolphin is now healthy but can’t be released in the wild because it was nursed and fed by the rescue team and was already used to being cared for.

The dolphin didn’t have a name because they were hoping to release him into the wild however, the veterinarian assessed that it is highly unlikely that it could survive on its own in the wild.

They are now trying to ensure that he would be acclimated with his future home. A big part of the admission of the Texas State Aquarium goes to the conservation projects and rescues.



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