Heading To The Beach

going to the beach


Who doesn’t love the feel of a warm breeze flowing in off the water? Long winter days and chilly nights can have you longing for the beach. It makes me smile to think of lounging in a canopy beach chair watching the waves or laying on a sand-free beach blanket as the rays of the sun warm my skin.

If you are like many people heading to the beach is a fun-filled yet relaxing day. You can soak up the sun and forget about the problems of the world for a day. Ah, you are living the life. If you have never tried a full face scuba mask, they work great. We highly recommend them as they allow you to breathe normally without needing to bite down on a separate snorkel.

Another fun activity for kids at the beach is searching for treasure. They can have a blast with a metal detector for kids to help them what lays below the sand. Don’t forget to take a look at our beach checklist to plan your trip.

But don’t forget your sunscreen, though! We don’t want you turning toasty red with raccoon eyes. It just won’t look right. And while you are at, having a beach umbrella or a beach chair with canopy will keep you comfortable all day. While the beach is a lot of fun, the sun can be relentless without shade during the heat of the day. And bring along your beach wagon for soft sand to haul all your gear.

Many state parks throughout the United States have fantastic beaches. Check out our list of the best state parks with beaches. While going to the beach may not be as adventures as backpacking to a remote vista and camping in the wild, it still requires planning. Finding you left your beach umbrella for wind or your kid’s metal detector behind because you didn’t make a list could spoil the outing.

What to bring to the beach


Basking in the sun feels great. But let’s not forget the sun’s UV rays can harm your skin. Protect your skin from sunburn and damage with an SPF sunscreen. Lip balm with SPF can be helpful too.

Beach towels are essential

You’re going to the beach, so you are going to need a beach towel. You may want a couple, one for drying off and another for laying on. It’s worth it to get an oversized beach towel. You will love the extra size while lying on the beach. As it gets colder in the early evening, it’s nice to have a larger towel to wrap yourself.

First aid kit

It’s a good idea to have a small first aid kit with you. You never know when and where you may get injured. You don’t want your fun at the beach to be cut short with a minor injury. Make sure you have some bandages, antibiotic cream, aloe, and Tylenol or Advil with you just in case.

Bug spray

Few things can ruin a good time faster than pesky bugs. Mosquitos, black flies, and other pests can keep you swatting. Bring some bug spray with you to help keep them at bay. Spend your time swinging at beachballs, not bugs.

Bring plenty of water.

More than likely, you are going to get thirsty while at the beach having fun. You should carry some water bottles with you to help quench your thirst. We suggest insulated water bottles that help keep the water cooler longer. You can also put ice in the water to help. Water is ideal, so leave the chocolate milk and soda at home! Having a beach cooler for your food and drinks is probably a good idea as well.

Bring some snacks

Let’s face it, beach volleyball, frisbee, and swimming take a lot of energy. Having some snacks on hand to keep you fueled is a good idea. Not to mention, no one wants to see you get hangry. Having some extra food on hand keeps you from needing to leave early. Bring a mixture of snacky food along with something of substance. With a good cooler, you can bring lunch meat, cheese, and veggies to make some sandwiches. You may want to hold the sand, though.

Grab some sunglasses

Sunlight on the water can seem like lasers to your eyes. Being outside in the bright sun requires a good pair of sunglasses. It’s more comfortable playing frisbee or throwing a football without a blinding sun in your eyes. Carrying a sunhat with you keeps the sun out of your eyes and helps protect your scalp and forehead too.

Bring a change of clothes

Going home in a wet swimsuit is no fun. Bring a change of clothes to keep yourself comfortable. Having a sweatshirt as the sun goes down will keep you comfy.

Do you know what’s at a beach? WATER!

That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a waterproof dry bag with you. It is helpful in case you suddenly get a rain shower and need to keep your car keys, wallet and phone dry.

Don’t run out of juice with a portable charger

Taking photos and videos at the beach is fun. It is difficult to do if your phone dies on you. Make sure your phone has a sufficient charge? It can be so frustrating to have your phone die.

However, we have a solution for you. A portable charge can help recharge your phone and thereby enable you to capture great water moments. Some chargers are the size of a lipstick. This charger is more portable and can even fit in your pocket with ease.

Finally, float on the water

Floating can be as simple as a swimming noodle or an inflatable water tube. You may want to consider bringing a kayak, inflatable raft or canoe with you also. Beaches can be a great place for paddling as well as swimming. Don’t forget to bring a life jacket if you are going boating. Have fun, but more importantly, be safe!