Exploring America’s State Parks

We are so fortunate to have a great park system in the United States. The natural beauty across our 50 states is amazing, and often times that is exactly where you will find a state park.

Every state is unique and had different characteristics, from the rugged coastline of Maine to the high plains of Wyoming. Wherever you are in America, you are probably just a short distance from one of the thousands of state parks.

In addition to state parks, there are numerous recreation areas to enjoy being outside. Whether you are looking to go bird watching, camping, cycling, or hiking, state parks are a great option for your outdoor activities.

State Parks In The United States

We make it easy for you to discover the state parks in each state. To see the state parks for each state in the United States, click on our interactive map of the U.S. below.

You can also click on the link for the individual states from the table of the U.S. states below. Once on the main page for each state, you will find a list of state parks and the location of the park. You will also be able to click through on individual state parks to learn more.