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trees reflecting in the lake at Frances Slocum State Park

Tucked away in Pennsylvania’s picturesque northeastern region, Frances Slocum State Park is one of the Keystone State’s most alluring public recreational spaces.

Known for its gorgeous scenery which includes a wonderful landscape of green fields, woodlands, forests, marshes and wetlands, this Pennsylvania state park is renowned for its iconic horseshoe shaped 165-acre lake. Which is a haven for those who enjoy boating and fishing.

Other popular recreational activities include hiking and mountain biking, swimming, picnicking and hunting. As well as a range of winter sports activities like sledding, skiing and ice skating.

Located just under 20 minutes from Wilkes-Barre, and less than an hour from Hazleton, the park is a favored destination for those who want to escape the pace of city life for a few days.

Offering over 80 campsites across two separate campgrounds, there are plenty of decent overnight accommodation options available for those who want to fully explore its surroundings.


Visitors to Frances Slocum State Park can partake in a range of outdoor recreational pursuits during their time there.

Here are just a small selection of the many things you can do .

Water Recreation at Frances Slocum State Park

Given the size and beauty of Frances Slocum lake, boating and fishing are popular activities.

If you didn’t bring them yourself a boat concession store here has several boats, canoes and kayaks for you to rent. Which will enable you to paddle across its surface for as long as you like.

For those into fishing, the lake is a warm water fishery and offers the opportunity to catch several different species including bluegill, catfish, crappie, muskellunge, perch, pickerel, smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye and stocked trout.

You’ll definitely want to bring your swimming costume with you to the park too, as there is a fabulous swimming pool for you to enjoy.

Hiking and Mountain Biking at Frances Slocum State Park

Like with most state parks in Pennsylvania, the best way to explore Frances Slocum State Park is through its trails.

Overall the park contains almost 14 miles of hiking trails that will take you through some of its most picturesque landscapes. Think stunning forest, lush marshes, scenic lakeshores and verdant fields of wild grass.

Five of these 14 miles are multi-access, which means mountain bikers can also choose to ride through its stunning terrain.

Picnicking at Frances Slocum State Park

Picnicking is a favored activity at the park with many families and couples enjoying an alfresco meal within its beautiful setting.

Throughout the park you will find several picnic areas, all of which also have charcoal grills, drinking water and modern restrooms close by.

If you are hosting an event, or are part of a very large group, the park also offers three picnic pavilions for up to 110 people.

ADA-accessible, these pavilions can be reserved up to 11 months in advance. If left unreserved, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Nature & Wildlife

Nature and wildlife lovers will get a real thrill at Frances Slocum State Park on account of the varied flora and fauna within it.

From fragrant wildflowers like Jack-in-the-pulpit and hellebore, to animals like painted turtles, great blue herons, white-tailed deer and salamanders, there is plenty here to capture your attention.

Hunting at Frances Slocum State Park

During the established seasons, around 700-acres of the park are set aside for hunting opportunities.

Roughly half of this section is set aside for hunting, the training of dogs and trapping. While the other half is designated solely for archery hunting.

Common species you can snare include turkey, deer, rabbit, waterfowl and squirrel.

Winter Recreation at Frances Slocum State Park

When the snow and cold weather of winter comes, the park offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy activities like sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice skating.

You’ll find a sledding slope located near the swimming pool. While the campground roads and day-use area are popular areas for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Ice fishing and skating obviously take place on the lake.

Pets at Frances Slocum State Park

The park prides itself on being pet friendly, so you can bring your pooch along with you if you want.

That said, there are some areas that are off-limits for dogs. So, to clarify what they are, you might want to call the park’s main office for further details.

Camping at Frances Slocum State Park

For those wanting to stay for a few nights, the park offers over 84 sites for RVs, trailers and tents across two main campgrounds. The Stony Point Campground and the Hemlock Hill Campground.

Accommodating 53 modern campsites that offer 30- and 50-amp electric hookups, the Stony Point Campground is the larger of the two sites.

Open from April to October, a handful of their sites are ADA-accessible. Amenities here include comfort stations with hot showers and flush toilets, potable water spigots and a dumping station. You will also find picnic pavilions as well as a swimming area and boat dock nearby too.

The Hemlock Hill Campground lies just to the north of Stony Point Campground and features 31 campsites, 8 of which are designated as pet-friendly. Overall these sites are smaller and more basic than the ones at Stony Point, as they do not have hookups at all.

They do, however, all come with their own large picnic table, as well as individual campfire grills to cook. They are also situated near Frances Slocum Lake, which means it is a short walk to the boating, swimming and fishing area.

Facilities here include restrooms, a shower house and two potable water spigots.

Park Location

Frances Slocum State Park
567 Mt Olivet Rd
Wyoming, PA 18644
Phone: 570.696.3525




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