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Goddard Park in Warwick, Rhode Island

Goddard Park in Warwick, Rhode Island. Photo: Rhododendrites, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Warwick, in Rhode Island, Goddard Memorial State Park is the state’s most popular Metropolitan Park.

Spread across 490 acres that run along the shoreline of Greenwich Bay and Greenwich Cove, the park presents a stunning natural environment for visitors to enjoy, of immaculate lawns, spacious fields, and lush forested areas.

Throughout it lies several miles of hiking trails, a stunning swimming beach, golf course and 11 game fields. In addition, there are 355 picnic tables dotted around the park as well as an equestrian show area. There is even a performing arts center that hosts concerts, weddings and special events.

Unfortunately there are no camping accommodation options offered onsite. Nonetheless, this Rhode Island state park is a brilliant destination for families, groups, and individuals who are looking for a fun-filled day of outdoor activities.


Those who visit Goddard Memorial State Park are able to enjoy stoic surroundings and delightful scenery in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the main activities they can take part in during their time there.

Boating at Goddard Memorial State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park is an ideal place to enjoy Rhode Island’s coastal waters.

Boating enthusiasts can use the boat ramp located within the park to access the park’s many bodies of water, including the Greenwich Bay.

Other activities like canoeing, kayaking and SUP are also regularly practiced. If you intend to head out on the water make sure you adhere to the park’s safety rules and regulations with regards to life jackets.

Golf Course at Goddard Memorial State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park features a picturesque nine-hole golf course that is open to the public.

The course is located on 250 acres of rolling hills and offers challenging holes for golfers of all skill levels.

It is a well-maintained course that features beautiful views of the park’s natural landscape. Golfers can also take advantage of the course’s driving range and putting green to practice their swings.

Fishing at Goddard Memorial State Park

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the scenic views of the park.

Within Goddard Memorial State Park, visitors have many opportunities to catch a variety of saltwater fish such as striped bass, bluefish, and flounder.

To help you do this, the park provides a fishing pier, which is open to the public and offers stunning views of Greenwich Bay. There is also a beach, where visitors can fish from the shore.

Wherever you choose to drop a line from you will need to hold a valid fishing license. The park’s main office will advise you how best to do this.

Hiking at Goddard Memorial State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park has several miles of hiking trails that wind through the park’s forests and fields.

The trails provide an opportunity to explore the park’s natural beauty and offer exceptional views of the bay. They are also ideal for bird watching, wildlife viewing and photography.

Whilst hiking, it is always worth wearing comfortable and sturdy footwear. In the summer it is a good idea to wear a hat and put on plenty of sunscreen and mosquito spray. Taking lots of water and some food with you is a good idea as well.

Picnicking at Goddard Memorial State Park

Goddard Memorial State Park is a popular destination for picnicking and offers several picnic areas throughout the park.

The picnic areas are shaded and equipped with 355 picnic tables overall, as well as grills, making it easy for visitors to enjoy an al fresco meal in the beautiful outdoors.

Visitors can also take advantage of the park’s scenic views by spreading out a blanket on the grass and enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner with family and friends.

Additionally, the park features a concession stand that offers a variety of snacks and refreshments, making it convenient for visitors to grab a quick bite while enjoying their day at the park.

Birding at Goddard Memorial State Park

The Atlantic Flyway is a major bird migration route. As the park incorporates a part of it, you should be able to see several species during your time there.

Visitors can observe birds in their natural habitats along the hiking trails, at the beach, and on its ponds. Some of the birds commonly spotted in the park include ospreys, great blue herons, and warblers.


Pets are welcome at Goddard Memorial State Park, although if you intend to bring them with you there are some rules and regulations you will need to abide by.

For instance, all dogs must be kept on a handheld leash for the entirety of the time they are at the park for. Owners are also responsible for cleaning up any mess their four-legged friend might make.

The park has several trails that are perfect for walking dogs, however, they are not allowed on the beach.

Be sure to give the park’s main office a call should you require further details of their pet policy.


While Goddard Memorial State Park does not have camping facilities onsite, there are several campgrounds nearby where visitors can stay.

A few to consider are the Wawaloam, Whispering Pines, Burlingame State and Fishermen’s Memorial State Park campgrounds. Between them all, they offer a wide range of accommodation options including primitive tent and RV sites with full hookups, cabins, yurts and cottages that suit all budgets and styles.

Amenities differ depending on where you stay, but may include a swimming pool, mini-golf, camp store and playground, as well flush toilets, hot showers and a dump station.

Within a few miles of the park, there are also plenty of hotels, motels and holiday accommodation options like Vrbo available.

Park Location

Goddard Memorial State Park
1095 Ives Rd
Warwick, RI 02818
Phone: 401.884.2010

Park Website



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