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pier extending into lake at a state park near biloxi mississippiBiloxi is a charming coastal city in southern Mississippi right on the Gulf Coast.

The state offers astounding parks that are known for its diverse ecosystem, vibrant marine life, and a seemingly endless array of recreational activities.

If you’re looking for spectacular beaches or winding nature trails, there are plenty of state parks near Biloxi that offer the perfect opportunity to get out and experience all that this region has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure just outside Biloxi city limits, be sure to check out one of these amazing state parks!

With endless opportunities for hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and more, these parks are sure to delight nature lovers of all ages.

Map of State Parks Near Biloxi MS

Here is a map of the Mississippi state parks covered in this post:

List of State Parks Near Biloxi

Here are each of those state parks with distance from Biloxi and what is special about each.

1. Percy Quin State Park

Location: 2036 Percy Quin Dr, McComb, MS 39648

While the first park in our roundup is a couple hour drive from Biloxi, it is definitely worth the trip.

Percy Quin State Park has everything you want in a state park – from boating and fishing, to hiking and camping, and even golfing on the park’s 18-hole course.

The park borders Lake Tangipahoa, a 490-acre freshwater body of water. The lake is stocked with Bass, Bluegill, and Crappie to keep anglers entertained. There is also a marina and boat launch on the lake, offering waterskiing aficionados the chance to skim the surface.

Swimming at Percy Quin is in the park’s swimming pool – perfect for kids and adults looking to cool off after a spending time hiking one of the parks trails, or playing a match on its tennis courts.

There is so much to do at this state park that you might want to spend the night to have enough time to take it all in. If so, you are in luck – the park has 100 RV campsites, 27 cabins, and four cottages, along with a couple golf villas, nine motel rooms, and a group camping facility – all with a view of the lake.

Campers can expect grills, picnic tables, pavilions – everything they need to enjoy their stay at Percy Quin.

2. Shepard State Park

Location: 1034 Graveline Rd, Gautier, MS 39553

Biloxi, Mississippi is home to Shepard State Park, a family-friendly oasis offering a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. The park is 31 min (19.4 mi) away from Biloxi, Mississippi.

Shepard is known for its abundance of wildflowers and trees on 395 acres. Visitors can explore the park through a variety of enjoyable amenities including: hiking, biking, a rec field for sports events, disc golf, archery, and tent camping.

There are also picnic areas, grilling, RV parking, access to a bathhouse, and a dog park.

Pavilion rentals and a boat launch are also accessible. The park offers a variety of educational programs and events throughout the year, making it a great destination for families, nature lovers, and history buffs alike.

3. Buccaneer State Park

Location: 1150 S Beach Blvd, Waveland, MS 39576

Mississippi’s Buccaneer State Park is a must-see for anyone visiting the Gulf Coast. The park is a 4.5-acre waterpark that stretches for miles along the Mississippi Sound, offering breathtaking views of the water and ample opportunities for recreation. It is 51 min (34.7 mi) away from Biloxi.

Visitors can swim, fish, camp, hike, and much more. There are also several playgrounds and picnic areas, making it the perfect place to spend a day with family or friends.

Buccaneer is also home to a variety of wildlife, including bald eagles, ospreys, and pelicans. So when you’re looking for a place to relax or an adventure, Mississippi’s Buccaneer State Park is a wise choice.

4. Paul B Johnson State Park

Location: 319 Geiger Lake Rd, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mississippi’s Paul B. Johnson State Park is a beautiful 805-acre park that offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.

The park is home to a spacious campground, RV hookups, and a variety of cabins and cottage rentals. Wi-Fi is also available.

Visitors can take advantage of the park’s fishing lakes, swimming pools, hiking trails, and playgrounds.

The scenic views and tranquil atmosphere make it a perfect place to relax and recharge. If you’re looking for a peaceful day in nature or an adrenaline-packed adventure, this is the opportunity to do so.

Picnic areas are available throughout the park, and full-service restaurants serving breakfast and lunch are nearby. Paul B. Johnson State Park is an ideal destination for a family vacation or a weekend getaway.

With something for everyone to enjoy, it’s no wonder the park is one of Mississippi’s popular destinations.

5. Pascagoula River State Wildlife Management Area

Location: 1505 Eastover Dr, Mississippi 39211

The Pascagoula River State Wildlife Management Area is a park located in southern Mississippi that is renowned for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. The park is 50 min (36.8 mi) from Biloxi.

Spanning over 37,000 acres of land, the park offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore remote forests and wetlands teeming with an incredibly diverse array of plant and animal life.

Fishing, hunting, and canoeing are a few of the favorite amenities the park has to offer visitors.

The park is known for its fun activities including its Fishing Rodeos, Youth Squirrel Hunt, and more.

Whether you are looking to discover some of the area’s more rare species, such as the bald eagle or American red wolf, or simply want to watch nature unfold in its rawest form right before your eyes, the Pascagoula River State Wildlife is a great place to spend your day.


If you’re looking for a great park to visit near Biloxi, Mississippi, then you have found them.

These five state parks are perfect for spending an afternoon, or a weekend outdoors — even during holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, or a walk in the park on Thanksgiving Day.

From hiking and fishing to camping and swimming, these parks have a lot to offer for residents and visitors. With so many parks to choose from, you’re sure to find one that appeals to you. So get out there and enjoy the natural beauty of Mississippi!