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wild ponies grazing at a state park near wytheville virginiaStep into Virginia and experience-rich history and gorgeous landscapes. This radiant state is known for its presidential homes and numerous lakes.

The best places to soak up all Virginia has to offer are at its state parks. The parks in Virginia state give a whole new dimension to nature’s beauty, allowing you to experience it in a way you never had before.

Let yourself be swept away by the stunning environment in these parks. In addition to their clear blue lakes, forested valleys, and lush trees, these parks offer a variety of outdoor activities. All the parks in Virginia are lovely, but the ones near Wytheville are particularly enchanting.

This article overlooks some of the very best Wytheville has to offer. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be packing a bag because, without a doubt, these parks deserve to be on your vacation bucket list.

Map of State Parks Near Wytheville, VA

Here is a map of the state parks in Virginia covered by this post:

List of State Parks Near Wytheville

The parks on this list have just what you need to have a good time and breathe in some fresh air. These parks are perfect for short day trips and even overnight vacations.

Here is the list of the five best state parks near Wytheville, Virginia, and a little bit about what makes them so great.

1. Claytor Lake State Park

Location: 6620 Ben H Bolen Dr, Dublin, VA 24084

This vibrant state park is half an hour’s drive from Wytheville, so you won’t spending too long on the road. If road trips aren’t your thing, then this park is perfect for you. You can drive over, have fun, and drive back all in one day.

There is so much fun to be had at this state park; from hiking to biking to swimming to fishing, this park has it all. You can hike or bike through the 7-mile trail while viewing incredible wildlife like deers, raccoons, and squirrels.

Swim through the enchanting waters on the freshwater swimming beach or rent a shelter to have some fun with your friends and family. Campers are not left out. This state park has various overnight facilities to accommodate campers, including rustic cabins, cozy lodges, recreational yurts, and bunkhouses. To enjoy the full camping experience, you can rent a spot on the campsite and tent. There are 103 campsites available, so there’s more than enough room for everyone.

2. New River Trail State Park

Location: 116 Orphanage Dr, Max Meadows, VA 24360

This alluring state park is situated about 10 miles away from Wytheville, making it a short 10-minute drive. Take a break from work and everything else, causing you any stress. Relax and recharge in the calm, quiet meadows of New River Trail State Park.

For 39 miles, this park is parallel to the New River, one of the oldest rivers in the world. Guests are welcome to swim or fish for some amazing freshwater fishes in the shimmering New River. The river offers a variety of fish, including striped bass, white bass, spotted bass, flathead catfish, black crappie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and lots more.

A 57-mile trail awaits hikers, bikers, and horse riders. The Hoover Mountain Biking Area offers a special kind of adventure for hikers and bikers, but horses are not allowed on this side of the park.

There are also kayaks and canoes available for rent so visitors can sail through the New River. For overnight guests, there are three separate campgrounds available.

3. Shot Tower State Park

Location: 116 Orphanage Dr. Max Meadows, VA 24360

Shot Tower State Park is a lovely day-use Park located just 19 miles away from Wytheville. It is home to the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower, a tower created centuries ago for the production of ammunition. Today, this tower is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places.

The park is open all day long, and guests can visit the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower and learn about its history through the interpretive signs available. Access to the tower is completely free, and the park also offers free group tours.
Picnickers can expect a bunch of picnic tables available and a couple of restrooms. Visitors can also access the New River Trail from this park.

This park has more history than recreational activities but its neighboring park, New River Trail State Park, offers lots of fun things to do.

4. Grayson Highlands State Park

Location: 829 Grayson Highland Ln, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363

Enveloping 4,502 acres, this picturesque state park is located around 47 miles from Wytheville. It was established in 1965 and has several recreational activities to offer, including hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, and fishing. This state park is filled with lush, brilliant trees, unique wildlife, and dazzling lakes.

At this park, you can find beautiful wild ponies on the hiking trails. There are 13 hiking trails available. This park is where the Grayson Highlands Fall Festival is, an annual event for music lovers.

There are creeks available for fishing and boating. This park also offers campers a variety of overnight options and has a horse camping area with stables. Campers can choose from the 89 campsites or opt for a more comfortable option. Yurts and bunkhouses are available.

5. Hungry Mother State Park

Location: 2854 Park Blvd, Marion, VA 24354

Hungry Mother State Park is known for the spooky legend surrounding its origin. But don’t let that scare you; there is more fun than fear at this breathtaking park.

Visitors can hike and bike through more than 17 miles of trails. There is also a kids’ trash available that guides children and adults down a smooth path where they can learn about the plants and animals in the park.

Guarded beach swimming, fishing, and boating are other fun outdoor activities to do at this park. The park also offers campers lots of camping facilities to choose from, such as fully functional cabins, comfortable lodges, and recreational yurts. It is located 27 miles from Wytheville.


The state parks near Wytheville are the perfect escape opportunities; retreat to the tranquility of these parks and leave all your worries at home. Enjoy stunning views, good company, and adventure when visiting these parks.