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aerial photo of Beavertail State Park

Situated on the southernmost point of Conanicut Island, Beavertail State Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic parks in Rhode Island.

Offering stunning panoramic views of Narragansett Bay, it covers an area of 153 acres and features a landscape that includes a rocky shoreline, natural coves, and a historic lighthouse which has been in continuous operation since 1749.

Attracting both locals and tourists alike, the park’s rugged terrain and stunning coastline provide ample opportunities for exploration and adventure. The likes of hiking, fishing, picnicking, and birding are all popular here, as is picnicking and photography.

Unfortunately the park does not have any camping options available onsite for the visitor. However, don’t let his put you off from visiting. Within a 20 minute drive of it, there are a couple of very good campgrounds, with modern facilities, which you can base yourself at should you need an overnight stay.

Lodging options can also be found in nearby Newport.


Beavertail State Park is a beautiful and scenic destination that offers a wide range of outdoor activities and attractions for visitors of all ages.

Here are some of the most popular things you can see and do during your time there.

the lighthouse at Beavertail State Park

Lighthouse at Beavertail State Park

The historic lighthouse is one of the park’s main attractions. Built in 1749, it was the third lighthouse built in America and the first in Rhode Island. It is still in operation today and is open to the public for tours during the summer months.

Visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, including Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, if they ascend to the pinnacle of the lighthouse.

The structure is also a popular spot for photography, especially at sunrise and sunset with the colorful hues of the sky giving it an even more majestic presence.

Boating at Beavertail State Park

Beavertail State Park is a popular destination for boaters, with a large boat ramp and ample parking available for those with trailers.

The park’s location at the southern tip of Jamestown makes it an ideal starting point for a day of boating on the waters of Narragansett Bay.

Boaters can explore the park’s rocky coastline and the nearby Dutch Island, or venture out into the open ocean.

If you do decide to take to the water on a boat, just be mindful of the park’s rules and regulations, including those that relate to the provision of lifejackets.

Fishing at Beavertail State Park

The park’s rocky coastline and surrounding waters provide very good opportunities for both shore and boat fishing.

You will need a fishing license in order to cast a line. However, once you have got one you will be able to fish for striped bass, flounder, and bluefish – all of which are present in abundance.

Man fishing from the rocks at Beavertail State Park in rough water

Hiking at Beavertail State Park

One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the park is through its many hiking trails.

Overall, there are several miles of trails that snake their way through the park’s rugged terrain, showcasing jaw-dropping views of the surrounding coastline and Narragansett Bay.

These trails are suitable for hikers of all levels, with some being quite easy to traverse and others involving a bit more physical effort.

Whichever trail you decide to tackle, it’s worth going prepared by wearing a hat and a proper pair of hiking boots. You should also apply plenty of sunscreen, mosquito spray and also take lots of food and water with you.

Birding at Beavertail State Park

With its diverse habitats and prominent location along the Atlantic flyway, Beavertail State Park is an excellent location for birding.

Between them, the park’s rocky shoreline, saltwater ponds, and grassy fields provide a wide range of environments that attract several bird species throughout the year.

During the fall and spring migrations, visitors to the park can expect to see a wide variety of seabirds, shorebirds, and waterfowl. Common sightings include gulls, terns, eiders, scoters, loons, grebes, and herons. The park is also a popular location for observing migratory raptors, such as hawks and falcons, as they make their way south in the fall.

In the summer, visitors can observe a variety of breeding birds, including ospreys, gulls, and several species of terns. The park’s grassy fields and shrublands are also home to songbirds like sparrows, finches, and warblers.

aerial photograph of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings  at Beavertail State Park

Pets at Beavertail State Park

Pets are welcome at Beavertail State Park as long as their owners follow the rules and regulations of the park’s pet policy.

Although dogs are allowed in some areas of the park, there are certain restrictions that pet owners should be aware of.

For example, dogs are allowed in the picnic areas, parking lots, and on the trails as long as they are leashed.

However, they are prohibited from being on the beach, at the rocks, or in the water. This restriction is in place to protect the wildlife and the natural habitats of the area.

It is also the responsibility of pet owners to clean up after their four-legged friends and to keep them under control at all times.

Camping at Beavertail State Park

Unfortunately, Beavertail State Park does not offer camping facilities.

However, there are several nearby camping options available to visitors who want or need to stay overnight somewhere in order to visit the park.

This includes the Fishermen’s Memorial State Park, which is located in Narragansett, about a 10 minute drive from the park. Many of its campsites come with water and electrical hookups, while other amenities include showers, restrooms, and a camp store. This campground is situated near a beach and hiking trails, and also puts you in close proximity to several different fishing opportunities.

Another option to consider is the Burlingame State Campground. You will find this in Charlestown, about a 20 minute drive from Beavertail. This campground offers similar facilities and amenities to Fishermen’s Memorial State Park.

Both of these campgrounds get busy, so it is worth making a reservation at them to secure yourself a spot at either of them.

Park Location

Beavertail State Park
Beavertail Rd
Jamestown, RI 02835
Phone: 401.884.2010

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