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Monutment at Fort Pillow State Historic Park

This Tennessee state park makes for an excellent outdoor plan whether you have been cooped up at home or indoors. It’s also a great place to visit if you enjoy spending time in nature. The park has a lake, bluffs, trails, access, moss, and trees. Just put on your comfortable shoes and head to Fort Pillow for an excellent day outdoors.

Fort Pillow State Historic Park is 1,642 acres located in Western Tennessee about 40 miles north of Memphis. The park is situated on the Chickasaw Bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in Lauderdale County. This park is rich in both history and archeology.

Aside from the deep history of the park, there are many recreational activities for solo visitors, couples, and families. This includes camping, picnicking, fishing, boating, paddling, swimming, and hiking.

Camping enthusiasts couldn’t ask for more at this park. There is a family campground that features 32 sites with 6 that accommodate RVs. There is a 5-mile moderately difficult trail to backcountry camping. The park’s picnic area overlooks Fort Pillow Lake so you will enjoy some breathtaking scenes as you grill. The park provides tables for the picnic area. If you are here for a family reunion or are a large group, you can reserve the picnic pavilion that is located at the center. There are restrooms and playgrounds nearby.

stone bridge at Fort Pillow State Historic Park


Visitors of Fort Pillow have especially enjoyed the museum which offers extensive tours and has a lot of information. The fort has many beautiful natural sites for your exploration. Camping is also available at the park with the sites fitted with grills and tables and has areas that fit RVs.

Hikers will enjoy the trails with overlooks that present the picturesque landscapes of the park. Fort Pillow State Park is an excellent place to spend time outdoors with its range of activities such as paddling, boating, and fishing.


You can bring your own boat or rent one at the park. The lake has a boat ramp that can accommodate a boat of any size. Sullivan Lake (Fort Pillow Lake) has some phenomenal views you will enjoy. The lake is serene and expansive so you can navigate as you enjoy the sights. There is much wildlife to view on the way.

old artillery at Fort Pillow State Historic Park


Fort Pillow State Park has about 20 miles of hiking trails with many routes running parallel to the earthwork fortifications at the site. Visitors have rated hiking at this park really well. All the trails are moderate and might even be considered challenging for some. The overlooks offer stunning views of the park and the lake.

Here are the trails in Fort Pillow State Park:

  • Red Trail – This route is 9 miles long and is classified as moderate. This natural surface trail is very well maintained and highly rated by hikers. The trail can get muddy during the rain. Expect lots of bugs and some substantial roadside hiking. Overall, it is a great trail with many satisfied hikers who used it.
  • Yellow Trail – It’s a 9-mile moderate trail made of natural surface. There are some good hills along the way. The trail is well-marked and maintained. The trail can be a bit strenuous so feel free to circle back to the parking lot at the halfway point.
  • Blue/Chickasaw Bluff Trail – This is 5 miles of natural surface. This route is considered moderate. Near the end of the trail, there is a spectacular view of the lake. The trail is well-maintained.

road through Fort Pillow State Historic Park


Fort Pillow Lake or Sullivan Pond is excellent for fishing. You can fish as you are boating in the lake or at the bank. The 27-acre lake is stocked with bream, bass, and crappie.


Dogs are allowed but should be leashed.

Park Location

Fort Pillow State Historic Park
3122 Park Road
Henning, TN 38041
Phone: 731.738.5581

Park Website



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