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Palm trees on the beach at Little Talbot Island State Park

If your ideal getaway involves heading to a place where you can fish, swim and indulge in a range of water sports then Little Talbot Island State Park is the destination for you.

Situated just 30 minutes from downtown Jacksonville, the park incorporates a fabulous 2,500-acre landscape of maritime forests, sand dunes, salt marshes and several different waterways.

Enjoying beautiful temperatures all year round, it is a place where you can engage in a wide range of activities like kayaking, canoeing, swimming, shelling, fishing and surfing. It is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna species, most of which reside in the park permanently.

As it is so close to Jacksonville, this Florida state park is a popular day trip destination for those looking to recharge their batteries in nature. However, should you want to really immerse yourself in its serene beauty, there is a very good campground there which you can choose to stay in.

Grass on the dunes at Little Talbot Island State Park


Visitors to the park can partake in a wide range of outdoor recreational pursuits during their time at Little Talbot Island State Park.

Showcased below is some further information about many of the things you can see and do while you are there.

Kayaking and Canoeing at Little Talbot Island State Park

Providing convenient access to Simpson Creek, the Fort George River and the Atlantic Ocean, the park is a haven for those who enjoy kayaking and canoeing.

Watercraft like these can easily be launched from the ramp at nearby Long Island Outfitters for a nominal charge.

Alternatively you can take to the water from anywhere else that is convenient, although that might not be as straightforward a task.

For those who do not have any vessels with them, you can hire them out from either the Outfitters or Kayak Amelia, who also offer guided trips too.

Swimming at Little Talbot Island State Park

As the park does get hot, you will want to bring your swimming costume with you.

With the choice of the ocean, rivers or creek available, there are plenty of places in which you could take a dip. Just be sure to wear lots of sunscreen if you do.

You will also need to be mindful that there are no lifeguards on duty in any of these areas, so you will have to swim with caution if you do take to the water.

tide coming in on the beach at Little Talbot Island State Park

Shelling at Little Talbot Island State Park

Little Talbot Island State Park is regarded as one of the best beaches in Florida to find seashells.

Make sure you head there with your bucket and shovel during low tide, when more than 50 different types of shells appear from the receding ocean water.

On any given day you can find anything from periwinkles and oyster shells to smooth pebbles and even shark’s teeth.

So a perusal of the sand is a veritable treasure hunt of discovery!

Before hitting the sand make a point of visiting the ranger’s station as you will be able to pick up a brochure from there which outlines some of the various types of seashells you may be able to see.

Surfing at Little Talbot Island State Park

For those into surfing, the park offers some decent swell. In fact the beach’s northernmost section is known for being one of northern Florida’s best places to ride a wave.

While on the water there is plenty of space for you to tackle the breaks which often get up to a height of four feet.

Depending on who you speak to, locals seem unclear about the best time to surf. So you will have to play that by ear. However, as this area is not lifeguarded it pays to be sensible as to when and how you surf there.

Fishing at Little Talbot Island State Park

As you can imagine, with so many different waterways at your disposal, fishing is a very popular activity at Little Talbot Island State Park.

Attracting anglers from all over the state and nearby Georgia, many of them choose to cast a line from the five miles of shoreline available to them.

Depending on where you fish you might be able to catch trout, redfish or flounder. You may well need a valid Florida licence to do so too, so be sure to check with the park for clarification.

You will also need to abide by the local rules and regulations with regards to the size, number, method of capture and season in which you fish.

group of palm trees at Little Talbot Island State Park

Pets at Little Talbot Island State Park

Your dog is welcome to join you at the park and can accompany you on the hiking trails or paved park roads, as well as at the parking lots, pavilions, campground and multi-use trails.

At all times they will need to be well behaved and kept on a leash of no more than six feet. They also must not be left unattended for more than 30 minutes.

Camping at Little Talbot Island State Park

Situated close to the edge of the water, campers at Little Talbot Island State Park Campground are in for a real treat.

Overall the campground has 36 sites available, of which 20 are able to host RVs and trailers that vary in size from 15 to 30 feet.

Many of these sites are well shaded by huge oak and pine trees that feature thick Spanish moss, as well as large mangroves. They feature hookups for 30-amp electricity as well as individual campfire rings and large picnic tables as well.

Amenities at this campground include potable water, ADA-accessible restrooms, shower houses and laundry facilities. There is also a playground to keep the children amused.

Park Location

Little Talbot Island State Park
12157 Heckscher Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Phone: 904.251.2320




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