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The Ultimate Camping Checklist

Camping is such a great way to unplug from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get outside. Spending time with friends and family while camping creates lasting memories that will bring a smile to your face. It is even better when you remember to bring all the camping gear you need. I hate it when I forget something when I go camping. That is why we created this camping checklist, so you wouldn’t miss anything while packing.

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Camping Checklist

So here it is, our complete camping checklist. When planning your camping trip, it’s a good idea to have a list to go by. Our goal is to provide you with a complete checklist to help you think of things you may not have considered, or simply forgot. This is especially handy if you haven’t gone camping a lot. Having this checklist makes our inner Boy Scout smile.

Camping Checklist
camping chaircamping tablecamping pillowcamping cot
flashlighttent footprinthammockheadlamp
lanternsleeping bagSleeping bag linersleeping pads
tent stakestarptentdry bags
clear plastic binssolar chargerbandanahat
long sleeve shirtrain gearsweatshirtswimsuit
towelwool sockspersonal hygiene itemsfeminine products
medicationsbivy sacktoilet paperemergency survival blanket
camping knifeduct tapemulti-toolair mattress repair kit
hatchetsawtent pole repair sleevecan opener
camping stovedish pancooking utensilsstove fuel
coolericewater containerlighter
fire starterplates or bowlswater filtrationcampsite reservation
fleece pullovergloves or mittenswarm hatwarm jacket
hiking bootswater shoesinsect repellentspf lip balm
sunscreenbungee cordsropesmall shovel
tissueswatchfirst-aid kithatchet



Camping Checklist Grouped By Category

We realize that having one great big camping checklist with two hundred possible items can be overwhelming. To help organize your packing and planning, we have grouped your camping items by category. We find this especially helpful as the last moment check to make sure something doesn’t stand out to you.

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So when it comes to a checklist for your campsite, these are some of the big items you are going to make sure you have. It has a few of the must-have necessities such as your tent, tent stakes, tent poles, and your sleeping bag. Add in the lantern of the headlamp so you can see when it gets dark and you are pretty much good to survive a night. Of course, you may be hungry, but those are the things that will get you by for a quick trip.

Campsite Checklist
camping chaircamping tablecamping pillowclothesline
flashlighttent footprinthammockheadlamp
lanternsleeping bagSleeping bag linersleeping pads
tent stakestarptent

Camping Tools

Our camping tools checklist are things that will make your life easier, especially the ax and saw for getting firewood and setting up your tent. It is always a good idea to carry a multitool because they are just so handy. There are also a few items to help repair some of your gear.

Camping Tools Checklist
duct tapepara chordmalletmulti-tool
axsawtent pole repair sleeveair mattress repair kit


What you choose to bring for footwear really depends on the activities you plan on doing while you are camping. We always suggest either wool or synthetic socks as they are good at wicking away moisture. If you plan on hiking while you camping it is a good idea to bring some hiking boots with you for more strenuous trails. Many people just wear sneakers on easier trails. There are some great trail sneakers that give extra support and have a more aggressive tread but tend to be lighter than hiking boots. Depending on where you are camping (or glamping), there may be shower facilities. If that is the case you should bring shower shoes with you or sandals. If you are going to end up in a lake or stream, a lot of people prefer to have water shoes.

Footwear Checklist
hiking bootssandalssneakerswool or synthetic socks
trail shoesshower shoeswater shoes

Campsite Extras

So this part of our camping checklist contains a few extras that are nice to have. Having a pair of binoculars is great for bird watching and viewing other wildlife from a distance. We always like to have a good book while relaxing around camp. Having a couple of games, even if it is just a deck of cards, is great fun along with laughter and good memories. Having a solar charger for cell phones or rechargeable batteries when you are camping can be a lifesaver to make sure the batteries do not get drained. Being in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of life and be a great time to reflect on things. Having a notebook or journal to write things down, whether they are great life revelations, or if you just want to journal about your camping trip. Also, a dry bag is good for storing your electronics and other sensitive items in the event of rain.

Campsite Extras Checklist
binocularsreading materialsdry bagsgames
notebook or journalsolar charger


There are several things to consider for your camping checklist when it comes to cooking. First off you are going to need a cooking camp stove or at a minimum a grate to go over your campfire. Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your stove. You won’t want to run out in the middle of cooking. You’ll need something to cook in like pots or pans, and then eating utensils along with plates or bowls. They make kits, or you can just grab something from your kitchen cabinets.

Cooking Checklist
biodegradable soapcan openercamp stovestove fuel
wash tubecharcoalcook potcooking utensils
coolercutting boarddish towelsdutch oven
eating utensilsfry pangrill rackice
large water jugmatchescupscoffee mug
plates and bowlscoffee makerpot scrubbertrash bags

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Sun Protection Bug Spray

If you don’t normally spend a lot of time in the outdoors, make sure you bring some insect repellant incase there are a lot of flies or mosquitoes. Also, a great idea to bring some sunscreen as well.

Sun Protection Bug Spray Checklist
insect repellentinsect repellent candlesspf lip balmspf sunscreen
sun hatsun glasses

Misc Camping Items

These are some miscellaneous items for your camping checklist. You can certainly get away without having them, but they are items worth considering.

Misc Camping Items Checklist
two way radiobinocularsbungee cordcamera
compassdeck of cardssmall fire extinguisherfishing gear
gpsradiotravel alarm clockwork gloves

Hygiene Items

So while you are camping, you still need to maintain your personal hygiene, especially if you are going camping for several days. Okay, so you may not care about combing your hair or shaving, but you definitely want toilet paper and you should brush your teeth. Your mom will be proud.

Hygiene Items Checklist
solar showercomb or brushdeodorantfeminine products
medicationsrazorshower shoestoilet paper

Personal Items

Many campsite registrations take place online, so it’s a good idea to print a copy of your campsite registration and bring it with you. Make sure you have a credit card, some cash, and your id when you leave. Your emergency contact numbers are probably already stored in your cell phone so you should be good in case something happens along the way. We always suggest bring a first-aid kit with you incase and injury or accident takes place.

Personal Items Checklist
campsite registrationcell phonecredit cardcash
emergency contact numbersidentificationfirst-aid kit


Clothing for your camping checklist is pretty self-explanitory. You need clothes. Choice wisely.

Clothing Checklist
bandannabelthatlong sleeve shirt
pantsrain gearshoessleeping clothes

Rainy And Cold Weather

The temperature can change pretty significantly over the course of a full day. When the sun goes down it can get chilly. Make sure you plan appropriately and bring some items to help keep you warm and dry in the event it rains. A rain jacket or poncho can go a long way towards keeping your comfortable and dry.

Rainy And Cold Weather Checklist
fleece pantsfleece pullovergloves or mittenslong underwear
rain jacketrain pantsponchowarm hat
insulated jacketvestbaseball cap

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Final Advice For Your Camping Checklist

No two people are the same when it comes to planning your camping trip. What is important to one person may not matter to another when it comes to camping gear. My son prefers to go ultralight when he is camping. As a family, we tend to bring more items. All this to say, there is no right or wrong answer to what you bring on your camping trip. Our goal is to provide you with a solid camping checklist to plan from. Take what you need and enjoy your adventure.


Camping Checklist PDF

Want a printable copy of our camping checklist? Sometimes it is just easier to print off your camping checklist on a piece of paper when you are shopping or packing your gear. It is handy to cross items off your list that way. Click on our link for our camping checklist pdf.

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Camping Gear Review

It’s nice to have a little guidance when looking at different gear for your outdoor adventures. In addition to the checklists, we have gear reviews that may find help.


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We hope these camping checklists have been helpful for in getting ready for your camping trip. We tried to organize them in a way that would give you a full list as well as different categories to consider as you get prepared. If you think of something we forgot, please reach out and let us know on our contact form.